Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Cancer is a scourge, but unfortunately one that will touch 1 in 3 people during their life time.  It is something we dread, something we fear, and rightly so.  Nobody wants to hear those two life changing words ‘it’s cancer’. So what can we do about it? Not one of us can map out a future for ourselves or the ones we l0ve.  In the face of possible adversity, and worldwide tragedy, I think a pro-active stance is always the way to go.  We run the marathons, we jump out of planes.  We scale buildings to raise money for Cancer Research to h0nour loved ones passed, or loved ones triumph.

This month was breast cancer awareness month.  I can think of nothing more synonymous with womanhood as our breasts.  They are a symbol of our sexuality, of motherhood, of a beautifully curvy female figure.  A threat to ones womanhood can shake a person to her core.  It is such a defining part of ones person it is difficult to face a change to who you are, to how you see yourself.

breast cancer

Fashion targets breast cancer is a fantastic way to support women who are going through treatment.  The fund supports survivors and raises money for research into treatment. It is  the world’s stand-out charity fashion campaign. Founded by Ralph Lauren, the campaign is very soon to celebrate its 20th birthday and is set to raise over£1million for the UK’s leading breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.  It’s supported by brands including Hush, Blow, Topshop and Simply Be.  Each purchase from these brands special collections will see a 30% donation to the charity.

breast cancer2

I have been wearing my bracelets with pride this month, right next to my Beautiful Is ____ band.  Beautiful is supporting other women during their struggles.  Beautiful is supporting an amazing cause by purchasing gorgeous clothes and jewellry. Beautiful is being who you are, and not being afraid to show the whole world!

Have you done anything to support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer this month?


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