Family friendly bathroom here we come….from AM to PM – deodorants, haircare and styling – oh my!

Our family bathroom is far from glamorous.  It is functional, and has all the things is needs to earn it the title ‘bathroom’….except maybe a bath, but that’s just semantics.  A casual visitor may indeed be charmed by the kitsch toilet roll holder, the bowl of glass beads and the large pile of Vouge and Private Eye magazines (both mine) to enjoy during your stay.  There are pictures of fishies, and usually a cat sat on my shower chair.
But amongst all the gorgeous products (again – mine), I find my nemesis.  Even worse (in my opinion) than entering after someone elses loo visit which ‘might just need 5 minutes’, is entering a bathroom full of a miasma of aerosols.  As the name implies, this is a ‘family bathroom’ and is therefore the forefront of spraying and choking if you are anyone but the first visitor to this otherwise innocuous yet functional room.  
And of course this is before we take into account the damage CFC’s cause to the atmosphere, which I have to say is the last thing on my mind when I have a mouth full of Lynx or Impulse, but it is something to consider.
But kind to the atmosphere and to ones eyes and lungs are the new offerings from Salt of the Earth.  In roll on ‘crystal’ form and an unscented pump spray, both products are unisex (despite what the crystal deodorant says it’s actually suitable for boys and girls).  Skin soothing, natural and CFC free, these beauties prevent perspiration with no odour and no horrid fumes.  This is also a great idea for those who like to wear perfume or aftershave, but don’t want to mix smells from your anti-perspirant with your chosen fragrance.
For those who ‘hide’ their lovely moisturising anti-aging softening and lovely-making hair products on the top shelf away from little hands who will use 5 times what they actually need, I have the solution.  Natural Mente is a range of haircare products suitable for all the family.  With moisturising ingredients such as fennel and geranium, and yoghurt and millet, this is a family range which will also take care of Mommas ‘just stepped out of a salon’ look.
Biorganics range is another product pick that closes the generation and gender gap.  Boy or girl, old or young, the leave in conditioner banishes tears and tangles (the tears are from me), and the salon secret elixir is a perfect finishing product for girly curly or that super styled boy quiff that seems to be back in style.
Next in line to give super shiny tangle free hair is a great new hairbrush range from Eco Tools.  Perfect for use with hairdryers, or for smoothing silky locks into and on trend and school/college friendly fishtail braid.
And while I permit you to keep your super luxurious Momma had a hard day de-stressing products (on the top shelf), I think these beauties make a great addition to any family bathroom.  But if manic morning school run time or crazy evening bath time gets a little too much, I urge you to try Tisserands new range of roll-on scents and aromatherapy blends – a perfect companion for the Salt of the Earth antiperspirant
For a morning mellow we have Tisserand Inner Peace with scents of Rose, and Inner Harmony with scents of Melissa.  The perfect soothing scents to see you through the school run and beyond.
And for bedtime, what could be better than the Tisserand Aromatherapy De-Stress and Sweet Dreams blends.  Blends that work better than a hot bath and a glass of wine, or maybe in addition to if it’s been a particularly hard day.  All of these are available to buy in Boots.
And there you have it, my top picks for a family friendly bathroom from AM to PM.  Oh, and if you see Dad popping in with a paper/iPad under his arm…just give it 5 minutes.

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  1. Some lovely products here, I am particularly interested in the tisserand roller balls, I think destress and sweet dreams is just what I need.

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