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Any of my readers who read my recent post about the British Heart Foundation will have gathered that I really do love to support a good cause.  I think that is true for most of us.  With the economic climate as it is, and 1000’s of charities vying for our attention, it takes a special charity and a creative initiative to capture peoples attention.  I am pleased to announce that a fresh new campaign from Escentual ticks all those boxes and more.

I stumbled across this initiative on the gorgeous Miss Makeup Magpie’s fabulous blog, which is one of my regular reads.

The concept is quite simply fabulous!  We all ecru fragrances that were bought for us as presents, or even ones we buy for ourselves that just don’t fit.  They can be too heavy, to musky, or just plain wrong.  I’m a firm believer that the same fragrances can smell totally different on different people, depending on what other products you use, where you apply, how much you apply etc.  What can smell great in the shop can be a different story when you go to wear it for a whole day.  I love fresh and floral scents, and anything heavier gives me a headache.  Ergo, I have several fragrances I can donate to this fabulous cause.  How do I do that?  Easy!

Tweet a picture of your unwanted scent to @Escentual (remembering to include #FragranceAmnesty), along with details o the normal scents you would choose for yourself.  For me, this would be light and floral.  I would probably mention that fragrances that have suited me in the past have been Ghost original and Anais Anais.  Then you will be given suggestions for fragrances that would suit you better, plus a £3 voucher towards purchasing that fragrance.  Want to see the back of your unsuitable perfume?  Send it to Fragrance Amnesty freepost, and your £3 voucher will be upgraded to £7.  More complete details on how to do these in the Escentua website.

But what are we supporting?

Good question.  As with alot of charities it’s less of a what and more of a who.  Give and makeup is a non-profit initiative that works with shelter and Women’s Aid, and whose sole purpose is to distribute everyday essentials and toiletries to women and children who have been made temporarily homeless through domestic abuse and other such hardships life sometimes throws.

This is something I just had to get on board with as soon as I read about it on Gemmas blog, for one simple reason.  That was me and my kids only 5 years ago.  Through reasons that I think are pretty easy to assume, we had to flee for our safety.  With no more than the clothes on our backs, we landed in a Women’s Aid refuge.  We had nothing, but we were safe.  During the time we stayed at the refuge, things like shower gel and toothpaste were luxuries.  Not everyone leaves an abusive situation penniless, but this was our truth.  A previously very proud woman, I learned that accepting help did not make me any less of a person or a mother, and myself and my family were very grateful for the help we received.

Most people have a charity that touches there heart, and this has to be mine, if only for the things I have experienced, and know that others are still going through.

In conclusion, round up those bottles of Au de Fromage and get tweeting!  I feel sure you will love the experience, and come up smelling of roses.

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  1. This sounds like such a good idea and a great way to help out charity too! I remember as a teenager sending deodorants, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries to help young girls who had been effected by abuse. It felt such an amazing thing to do and it is amazing how much someone appreciates such simple items such as a hairbrush or toothbrush.Georgie xx

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