Enhance the UK & Scope Exhibition: Normalising Disability

In between days in bed, I’ve had the opportunity to go to some great places and catch up with some amazing friends.  Last Wednesday I went to an exhibition at the Gherkin in the heart of London.  On show, both in photo form and in person, were some breathtaking individuals who all have disabilities of one form or another.  In between the wine, chatter and nibbles were some very important messages from Enhance the UK and Scope, two top UK charities whose main aim is to normalise disability through education and information, for those with disabilities and those without.


The photo exhibition, courtesy of Enhance the UK, showed men and women in their smalls, looking…quite frankly saucily delicious!  The boudoir pics, all available to view on the Enhance the UK website, were not just for fun, though I was told by many of those featured that they had a fantastic time at the photoshoot.  They are to show people with disabilities not just as people, but as sexual beings.


This picture of Jignesh Viadya, a fellow wheelchair user, is a perfect example of the message of EtUK’s latest campaign.  I did a heck of a lot of ogling I can tell you!


And a fabulous female, Zoe Lloyd.


Mary Russel, above, has dwarfism and is heading up ‘the Love Lounge’ on the Enhance the UK website.

Scopes contribution to the evening fit perfectly with the theme.  In addition to their ‘End the Awkward’ campaign, which is focused on educating the general public on how to approach people with disabilities (In short, how to see the person and not the disability), they launched their A to Z of sex and disability.  The guides aim is to help people with disabilities have a full and enjoyable sex life.  Yes this is possible, though more difficult when you’re stuck in a twin hotel room with your partner, as Travellodge seem to thing that people with disabilities don’t have sex.  I think I shall send them the wide array of info available from Scope and Enhance the UK.

But where would a blog post from me be without showing you some of the beautiful people that were there championing our cause.


Yes….this is meee…trying to rock the slinky and sexy look in this gorgeous dress and necklace from Polly Grace.

It’s selfie time…yes I have a problem.


With Tanvi Vyas, a fellow wheelchair user who has muscular distrophy. She is a trailblazers project manager and disability campaigner.


With Sarah Willow, a fellow zebra who has EDS.


With Kelly Perks Bevington, a fellow wheelie, business owner, wife and mother.


With Emily Rose Yates, a fellow wheelie, accessibility consultant and disability activist.


With Mary Russel, who has dwarfism.  Funny, personable and sexy, Mary is a total spitfire and disability campaigner.

As you can see it was a pretty amazing evening, jam packed with fun, laughs and people with a passion for normalising disability.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the topics mentioned, please do let me know.


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