World Downs Syndrome Day 2015: Raising Awareness & Changing Perceptions


Talking About Down’s Syndrome – Conversations for New Parents is the latest title in the Fink cards family. The brainchild of Lisa Warner they promise to help new parents find their way through the information and emotions that follow a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome for their baby.

Hayley Goleniowska, author of the deck of colourful handbag-sized cards, wrote them with new parents in mind, but was keen to emphasise that they would be invaluable for all family members. So often different generations hold different beliefs about Down’s syndrome. Times have changed greatly with those who have the condition are leading ever increasingly independent lives given the right opportunities and support.

What is important is that families support one another, talk about their feelings and ultimately help the newest member get off to the very best start in life.

It is important when using the cards to respect one another’s feelings and beliefs, but together identify relevant and current information.

The cards are not only aimed at new families. They will prove to be an essential tool for any professional working with a family, such as Health Visitors, neo-natal workers, midwives and Portage workers.

They will also provide a fabulous start point for training teachers and medical professionals, allowing them to question the beliefs they hold about Down’s syndrome and the way in which they interact with families to ensure the best possible relationships with those they help and the best possible outcomes for the children at the heart of it all.

Hayley Goleniowska is a writer and speaker, working with parents, teachers and medical professionals as well as self-advocates who have Down’s syndrome.

Her work is internationally renowned and her blog Downs Side Up has won many awards for its outstanding contribution to society. Through her many media interviews she also hopes to gently change the public’s perceptions of the condition.

Hayley and her eldest daughter Mia have recently launched a book for children, entitled I Love You Natty: A Sibling’s Introduction to Down’s Syndrome.

Hayley brings her expertise on talking about Down’s Syndrome for New Parents to Fink Cards where she will publish a new pack to help new parents find the early years’ support they need.

Hayley is passionate about increasing the support that parents receive after unexpected news, whether that comes during pregnancy or after a baby’s birth. By easing their fears and helping them to sort the facts from the myths that often surround Down’s syndrome she hopes to buy them precious quality time with their newborns. For more information visit

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  1. Thank you darling Vicky for sharing these invaluable cards on your site. I believe so passionately that they will change the way parents think about their new babies, how they seek support and start conversations with each other. Ultimately they will realise they are not alone with their feelings and that everything will be alright.

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