Captains log: I love Star Trek!

Suffering with severe blogger block, I have sat and tried and tried to write a post that is coherent and fun to read…so far to no avial.  In between I have been on twitter (because that’s where all the cool people are) and talking about things I love, one of which is Star Trek!

When I was in my early teens in the mid nineties, my parents would watch Star Trek The Next Generation on Sky 1 every weekday.  Despite being school nights, I would beg to be allowed to stay up and watch the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who I had more than I passing crush on!  I adored Geordi La Forge, with his special eyepiece that looked just like my hairband, and the voice of Deanna Troy could have lulled me into a comforting rest.  What I mean to say is, I liked it.  In fact I LOVED it, and I still do!


When speaking one Trekkie to another, one of the first questions that comes up is, what are your favourite series in order of preference?  For me it goes.

The original series (TOS)

The next generation (TNG)

Deep space Nine (DS9)



Poor Scott Bakula always hits my bottom spot.  The series was watchable, but not a patch on the older series.  He was far better in Quantum Leap, a very old show that my Mum watched, but given our limited viewing material I ended up watching too.  The days of sitting in front of Cartoon Network or The Disney Channel were in my future (for MY children) and now in my Mums budget!

Back to the Trek.  Pre Sky+ I caught episodes whenever I could, and soon learned the delights of each series.  TOS had a relatively young William  Shatner as Captain Kirk, with the late Leonord Nemoy as Spock, and social media Grandpa George Takai as Sulu.  They had fantastic adventures, beaming down to planets in groups of five, when the unfortunate red shirted crew member would fall foul of whatever alien being was lurking behind the Blue Peter style rocks.  It was, and is, perfect in its imperfections and a delight to watch.

In years since, I have watched the box sets of each Star Trek incarnation.

[May I just take a moment to appreciate and praise 2016, the age of the box set.  For a person like me, with chronic illness, I spend a lot of time resting, with box sets and Netflix as my constant companion.  I could not be without them, and Star Trek is very much in my regular rotation.]


I have loved watching Kate Mulgrew, who though better known to many as Red in Orange Is The New Black, will always be my Janeway, and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine (hello!) in Voyager, scaling the stars in a bid to get home, and having so many adventures along the way.  I have loved watching Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (which would have been my sons name had he been a girl) with Captain Sisko and his son, and the many visitors to the far out space station, many of whom bought trouble along with them.  And Scott Bakula as Cartain John Archer, well, he tried.

I could, and quite possibly will delve into my adoration of Star Trek once again, and lots of other fantastic sci fi wonders, though none can even beat the original and the best, Star Trek.

Do you like Star Trek?

What are your favourite series?


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