Bloggers Guide: The Blog/Life Balance

The blog/life balance is something every blogger will be familiar with.  Whether your life is full of toddlers and potty training or spouses that are sick of talking to you from behind a laptop, there will have been a point where the two collide.  A blogger can spend so much time blogging they have nothing to blog about (and a grumpy spouse) or so much time dealing with life issues (good, bad or indifferent) that you neglect your blog.

As someone who also struggles to maintain a healthy life/blog balance, here is a basic bloggers guide to trying to get (and stay) there.

1.  If you find yourself in pyjamas for the third day in a row with only the laptop screen for company,you may want to have a shower and get some fresh air.  Try to leave your smartphone at home.


2.  A successful bloggers family is usually both supportive and well trained.  While they may expect you to have to take a photo of everything before they can eat it and periodically instagram every trip out, they may appreciate some one on one time.

3.  Staying up late on social media?  You may able to handle the bleary eyes in the morning, but try not to burn the candle at both ends.  No one is an their best when they’re overstretched.

4.  Try and have at least one evening a week devoted to friends and family.  You can’t write about your life if you’re not having one.

5.  Plan plan plan!  The most successful bloggers I know have a rigorous blogging schedule.  This not only makes sure that you are up to date with your blogging commitments, you will also find it easier to plan around work and family.

6.  Decide what you want.  If 18 hours a day online makes you happy, do it!  If you want more time to yourself adjust your blogging schedule to accommodate that.

7.  Sometimes it’s hard to get back in the blogging rhythm after time away.  If you can, try and schedule posts in advance so that getting back to normal and the post holiday blues don’t collide.


8.  Ask for help.  One of the best bits about blogging is the amazing friends that come with it.

9.  Engage in community.  Bloggers conferences and meet ups are the best way to bring your blogging life into a real world situation.

10.  Don’t overthink things.  Whether it’s writers block or devoting to much time to your blog, take a step back, look at the situation and see what changes can be made.  The answer is never far away.

What are your best tips for establishing a good work/blog balance?


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