Be Happy

The world is heavy.  Depending on where you look and how hard you look there, you can always find something to be sad about, to get angry about.  I more than some are predisposed to what the Germans (who have a word for everything) call ‘Weltschmerzen’ quite literally translated as ‘world pains’ and defined as ‘sadness on thinking about the evils of the world’.

Well duh? Might be your answer if you were a teenager in the 90’s or watch a lot of FRIENDS.  Who could possibly watch the news and not be affected? Shouldn’t we all want to get out there and ‘be the change we want to see in the world’?  I’m gonna swim against the tide and say no…not all of us should.

I know what you’re thinking!

“But Vicky, in between all the chatter about lipstick and which style of snood is in this season, you do spend an awful lot of time harping on about the disparities in the world.  The unfairness, the injustice…the Conservatives!  And you’re telling us what now”?

I’m suggesting that you do your utmost to BE HAPPY!

To do what you can…

To pop £1 in the charity pot

To give your old clothes to the charity shop

To help send aid to Syria

To donate your time and your skills to help make someone elses life better

And then in your off time…be happy!

Because worry never stopped a war.

A lost nights sleep never saved a child from poverty.

And all the tears in the world will not stop these atrocities in their tracks.

I’d like to add an NB. To Ghandis famous words.  ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’…and be happy!

Be happy because tomorrow is another day.

Be happy because your actions DO make a difference.

Be happy because being sad accomplishes nothing…and then get up and do something that does!

Be happy…and change the world!


4 thoughts on “Be Happy

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