Around and Upside Down on Youtube + giveaway

Much like the Clark Kent / Superman dichotomy or…something much less cool than that, I like many others on the internet are known by lots of different names.  Here I am Vicky Kuhn from Around and Upside Down. Sometimes I am @curlywurlygirly from twitter, and on Xbox live I am hypermummy82.  I seriously don’t know where all of these crazy names keep coming from (well I do, but the stories are pretty boring and I prefer to remain mysterious).


On YouTube I am Vicky or curlywurlygirly, which I am mentioning because I have actually been giving my channel some love.  It has not even entered my mind for the last few years, other than to post the odd random video and the awesome vid of myself and my amazing friends walking the catwalk.  Now my channel is very much in its infancy, and I am far from even basic competence when it comes to videos, but I’m hoping that much like my blog, we can learn and grow together.

I have already shot a few vids and there will be more to come.  At the moment I’m working within the typical ‘beauty vlogger’ genre, posting makeup looks, hauls etc, but I hope to move on to more fashion and perhaps some out and about type vlogs as well.

I would really love it if you guys would head over and check out my channel and get a feel for the sort of content I’ll be putting out.  As a mega super bonus just for going over and looking, I’ll be announcing YET ANOTHER GIVEAWAY on my YouTube channel, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Love you guys and hope to see you over on YouTube soon


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