After the ball was over… #britmumslive 2014 – live from London

Hey space fans!  I know I have been neglectful of late but I have a good excuse, I promise – and a note from my Mum.  The intrepid bipedal and 4 wheeled warrior (aka J and I) have been living it large in Espania, and now in London.  It feels like we haven’t seen home in a while and I hurt in places I didn’t know existed, but we have had a blast!
This Friday and Saturday (today – hurrah!) was Britmums Live 2014, and I have hardly begun to process the fun, laughs, and frolics as well as the more tender moments.  Hugs and tears and shouts of joy.  I think we Britmums tore up London this year.
I barely even have a pic to share, let alone my rundown of events, and I just have so much to tell you all, but I just couldn’t hit the cold side of the pillow without hitting the keyboard and doing what I love – talking to you guys freestyle and hoping it all works out, makes sense and hits home.
Ok, one pic – just a teaser.  I have tonnes for you guys so please do tune in in the coming weeks and months to tune in to my stream of consciousness, with a few pictures thrown in for posterity.
Yes, me and J, my partner in crime.  Taking photos in a lift has become a bit of a tradition for us when we travel (think wheelchair think lift / elevator).
Catch ya on the flip side!

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