A beginners guide to Klout: giving it back blogger style – how to give Klout to others

Here we are again my pretties.  I got a great response from the Kred guide, so thought I would get this one hot and online.
Before I start, Klout and Kred are very similar.  Kred was the first, but it depends on who you ask as to which they hold in highest repute.  Currently I find Kred much more user friendly, as Klout have had a huge horrid overhaul that they say they’re not going to change despite all the terrible feedback.  Many people are finding that although they are still using social media at the same rate, and their Kred score is getting higher, that Klout just stays the same.  It might move up a point and down again, but that’s about it.  Very frustrating!  But till they see sense and make a more user friendly interface, here’s my guide on how to get the best from Klout.
With Klout, I advise that you sign up and sign in with twitter, as much of your score is made up with twitter interraction.
***With Klout and Kred make sure you have all the social media platforms that you use connected to your account (you can do this in settings).  This means that all your activity gets tracked.  If it’s not connected, it won’t be tracked***
Your own Klout address will be http://klout.com/#/YOURTWITTERNAME
The hashtag denotes a desktop version of Klout.  If you change it for an M, you will have the mobile interface.  This is good to know if you are using sharing circles as mobile won’t work on desktop and vice-versa, but it’s as simple as changing the # to M
Your mobile klout address will be http://klout.com/M/YOURTWITTERNAME
To find the person you want to give Klout to, type their full name or twitter username into the search box.  As you might imagine, you will get a few contenders if you use just the full name, as all twitter usernames are unique.  Pick the person you want to Klout out of the list.
Once you’ve clicked on your Klout buddy, you will see a few grey bubbles under their bio.  Click on one to award Klout for that subject.  You have a limit with Klout, I think it is something like 1 click per subject very 5-7 days.  You will then be given the option to tweet your Klout-ee to tell them you have Klouted them.
You have 10 Klouts available per day, and you can give as many or as few as you want to each person, within the limits of 1 click per subject per week.
The kicker is that you have to do this for each person you want to send Klout to, when previously you could just click on a photo as with Kred.  This makes it easier to take part in Klout circles (where yourself and several other people pop your Klout URL (the one listed at the top) in a thread, and then you all give to each other.  If you want to give Klout to people that don’t do these circles, I find it easier to keep a list of twitter usernames and work through it, then start again.  For example:
I have the URL there already, and so I change the ending by copying and pasting the text (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V)
This is also a good hack if Klout won’t recognise your friend as a user, even if you know they are.  Rather than searching for them, delete your twitter name and add theirs on the end of the address in the address bar.  It will find them and you will stop getting the error message.
Most of this information is available on the Klout website, but people are finding it about as user friendly as the new interface itself.
That’s pretty much it, but any questions or other info you’d like to know about Klout or anything else really.  I will always help if I can, and point you in the right direction if I can’t.  Till next time…

8 thoughts on “A beginners guide to Klout: giving it back blogger style – how to give Klout to others

  1. Thanks for your perspective Anna. Everyone I have spoken to so far in the blogging community is really struggling with it, and wants the old picture click system back. I'd love to pick your brain one day and see if there is a way to make it more user friendly. Do you find it easy to give klout to others or is it that you find your scores are clearer to you? It's great that you are putting more into Facebook – especially as the algorythems make things do much harder. I've been trying to do more on my fb page than just repost my posts. Will have to have that chat and get some advice 🙂
    Vicky – AaUD

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