5 Top Perks for Cat Owners plus The Purrfect Feline Treat

Take a look online and you’ll soon discover cats are incredibly popular. Forget celebrity selfies –

people are more interested in seeing pictures of cute cats and kittens.

Despite their huge online popularity, cats have a reputation as being somewhat solitary,

independent and often moody creatures. However, according to some experts this is an unfair and

often untrue judgement.


So, here are five reasons why cats make perfect pets.

1. They can be extremely loving

If you want a pet that’s loving, friendly and loyal then a cat is the perfect choice. While there are

inevitably some cats out there which do prefer their own company, there are many more that prefer

to be part of a loving family. They thrive in a family unit and are extremely affectionate.

2. They get rid of unwanted pests

If you’re not the bravest of people when it comes to getting rid of spiders and other bugs, a cat can

come in really useful. They are natural born predators and as featured on Animal Planet; your cat

has no problem climbing a wall to get rid of a spider in its web.

3. They’re cheaper

Compared to dogs, cats are much cheaper to own. Not only are they cheaper to purchase, they are

also cheaper to feed and maintain. As pet insurance is often based on the size of the pet; cat

insurance from More Than is often a lot more affordable than dog insurance too.


4. They smell nicer and are a lot cleaner

There’s no getting away from the fact that dogs smell, especially if they’ve been out in the rain. They

also create quite a lot of mess wherever they go. Cats on the other hand are very clean animals; they

don’t tend to smell and take much better care of themselves.

5. You don’t need to walk them

Another advantage of owning a cat is the fact you don’t need to take them on daily walks. You

simply open the door and let them explore on their own. They can also be left alone for longer

periods of time than a dog, so they’re ideal for those who are out at work all day.

These are just five reasons why cats make perfect pets. Of course, you should always be 100% sure

you can take on the responsibility before bringing one into your home.

Back in May I shared a review of the Meowbox: a box of cat treats and toys direct to your door. So many readers asked when they would be shipping to the UK and I have great news – they’ve just started doing so!

Here’s a glimpse of the October box.  To read more or to order your own visit the Meowbox website.

2014-11-10 19.14.02

Moo is still enjoying all of the toys and treats!

Despite this very cat-centric post, I love both our canine and feline friends.

Are you a dog person or a cat person, or like me – both?

*box sent for review purposes
*sponsored post

29 thoughts on “5 Top Perks for Cat Owners plus The Purrfect Feline Treat

  1. My boyfriend has 3 cats, they were triplets and he didn't want to seperate them. They are fun little guys to have around with each personality. I don't even mind that they run around all night or that they climb on my head.
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  2. I've never heard of Meowbox before- that's interesting. We adopted our cat just under a year ago (December 17th, 2013) after swearing that we'd never be feline pet owners. I have to say, though, that there are benefits to having a cat in the house as opposed to another animal. Great post.

  3. I do love cats and would love to have them around but we're off and about travelling too much at the moment. I hope to have cats again one day though.

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