5 Steps To Your Best Ever Valentines Day

That’s right folks, Valentines is not just for couples!  For the 3 years I was single I avoided Valentines like the plague, purporting that it was just an opportunity for the card companies to make money.  While this may be true to an extent, I think that a once a year reminder year to show love to those that matter can’t be a bad thing.  Whoever the important people are in your life, why not take a day, or an evening to show them how much they mean to you.  Remember, you are one of those important people and should come top of any list.

1.  Write it down

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are loved and appreciated.  It is something that is assumed but often left unsaid.  Write a message to your partner on the fridge for them to find at breakfast.  Write a card.  Write a list of things you like about you.  If you’re stuck for ideas I did a similar post about myself here.  For those who simply can’t find the right words, a beautiful card that is thoughtfully chosen is always appreciated.

2. Spend some time

Life goes so fast sometimes that the chat with your Mum or the coffee with friends just never seems to happen.  Try and make a point of spending whatever time you can spare with someone you love, doing something you enjoy.  Taking an hour to read a book or have a pedicure definitely counts.

3. Treat yourself

If you haven’t already booked that pedicure, take this time to indulge in something you enjoy.  Have an ‘off diet’ piece of cake with the folks, a creamy latte with friends, or bottle of wine with your partner.  Here are a variety you might like to choose from:

Wine selection

There are some really great offers out there for V-day, so fill your boots and pick up a bottle of your favourite tipple.

4. Set the mood

For whatever it is you’ve decided to do.  If you’ve booked yourself a massage, try and make sure you have time to savour the feeling of restfulness afterwards.  Maybe book it at the end of the work day so you can go home and just enjoy that lovely feeling you have after a spa treatment.  An evening with friends is probably best accompanied by a few bowls of nibbles and some of your favourite music in the iPod dock.  For me, an evening alone or with my partner has to have candlelight.  It’s my one vice.



The collection from Amphora Aromatics is my favourite.

5.  Enjoy yourself!

It shouldn’t need to be said, but so often we are so busy doing what our diaries say, or what the holiday in question demands.  Whatever you’re doing, make sure it’s something you enjoy, something you want to do.  Break the stereotype of couples being sickeningly loved up and singletons crying into their meal for one.  Whatever your relationship status, spend time doing exactly what you want! Have fun and ignore anything and anyone who tells you exactly what you should be doing.  Loving yourself and those around you means taking time out to recharge.

At the end of your love-in, take time to remember how good it felt and try and do it more often.  Doing things you like makes you a better person, a better parent, a better partner.  A better everything.   Try and have a day, hour or afternoon like this more often.  As Jennifer Aniston says, you’re worth it.

What would your ultimate valentines day be?

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  1. This is what I love about Valentines, it gives you the chance to make time for loved ones!


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