2013 Year In Review Q&A

I love a good tag, and I think this has to be my favourite so far.  In the nearly two months I’ve been blogging (that would so weird – it feels like I’ve been blogging forever – in a good way), I have met some lovely bloggers and become an avid reader of some superb blogs.  This tag is kind of a salute to blogging, and 2013, which both deserve a special mention.

I was tagged by the lovely Erika in this year in review post, which was originally started by Kerry.  Thank you both x

The rules are pretty simple:

1. In your post, be sure to link back and thank the blogger that previously tagged you

2. Answer the questions below and tag at least 5 other bloggers and; 

3. Include the badge in your post


Let’s do this!

1. Your top 5 new favourite blogs to read in 2013 
I am new to blogging, but not new to reading blogs.  I think this is how alot of us get started.  We get inspired and want to write more than will fit in a comment box.  My brand new finds of 2013, in no particular order are:
My interests are extremely varied, and I love 1001 things I will probably never get to do myself.  I can however live vicariously, and read to my hearts content.
2. List Your 5 most read blog posts in 2013
There would probably be some crossover with the above list if I was listing completely by the book.  For varieties sake however, I shall list my top 5 most read blog that are not in the above list:
Confessions of a Secret Shopper
Beauty Ability
If you visit any of these blogs, their draw pretty much speaks for themselves.

3. Name one blog you wish you had found sooner
There  are so many I could put here, but have plumped for this inspirational blog
Do It Myself

4. Your favourite blog post of 2013
I love the posts about making things with my kids like this one.  We have so much fun crafting and cooking, and then I get to relive the fun when I post.  That’s definitely a two-for!

5. What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog next year?
So much!  Though I’m happy with where my blog is now, there are a tonne of things I want to work on in 2014.  I want to improve my picture quality within my means, by using things like natural light alot better, and taking multiple shots and choosing the best one.  Blog design to go with my new domain, varied content and just a more pulled together look is what I’m aiming for.

6. Name one blog you have a blog crush on
There are so many, but I do love Beauty Queen UK.  Her blog is a great example o where I’d like to be this time next year.

7. How often do you post? 
I try to post daily, but a conservative estimate would be 5-6 times a week.

8. Share your first post of 2013
This is also my first post ever, and is pretty cringe-worthy, but to be true to the spirit of the review, here it is.

9. Name one thing you would be doing if you werenโ€™t typing this post right now
Probably sleeping, or watching box sets (current box set: Alias) with J (my man).

10. What have you loved the most about blogging this year?
Finding some sort of purpose and direction in my life; that’s what I wanted when I started blogging.  Something to give my life a little structure, and to be able to focus on the things that make my life wonderful, rather than the things that drag me down.  It’s been totally life-changing.  The thing about blogging, is actually how little time I spend blogging.  Most of it is spent having a life I want to blog about, and chatting with other inspirational guys and gals who do the same.  I have made some true friends who have been there for me when life is not so blogworthy, and I think that’s totally amazing!

And that’s all folks.  I am tagging those bloggers mentioned in the ‘new favourite blogs’ questions if they’d like to do the tag also.  I know some people love them and others not so much, so no pressure.  To all who are reading this, each one of you has touched my life in more ways than you can imagine, so thank you.  I wish you all the best in 2014.  May your reach always exceed your grasp.

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