The Original Supper Box Co. Fresh Ingredients Delivered to Your Door – Product Review

I really love to eat good home cooked food.  More than that I love to cook it.  Since my diagnosis I have found it harder and harder to cook meals completely from scratch.  To read a recipe, make a list and shop for fresh ingredients makes more than I have to give most days, especially if I want to do anything else that day.  The days of me popping to the farmers market on a whim are behind me, as I can’t go out on my own, and getting me out can sometimes be just as much of a faff as leaving the house with a newborn.  I’m not complaining, just saying that…actually much like when you have young children, you need to compromise on some things in order to have the time and energy to do more pressing tasks.

The Original Supper box* blows that all out of the water.  It really couldn’t be easier.  Via their website, you order the meals you want; either weekday meals, dinner party meals, and choose the dishes themselves.  I chose:

Honey and mustard pork loin  //  Thai green turkey curry  // Venison steak with spring vegetable salad

Other than the obvious, I didn’t even have to think about what went in the dishes, or how much to order.  I just entered the amount of diners I was catering for and waited.


On the day of my choice, a sealed insulated box arrived to my door.  It was perfectly packed and refrigerator cold.  Inside were three brown bags, each filled with the ingredients I’d need for each dish, in precise qualtities.  Literally everything was in there, from olive oil to salt.  Each dish had an easy to follow recipe card, which was also marked with a coloured sticker corresponding to one of the paper bags and stuck on each ingredient inside.  I thought this was a wonderful touch and made it so much easier to get the correct ingredients straight out of the fridge.  With just a small amount of prep, the dishes were ready from 18-35 minutes from start to finish, and were super easy to cook.

Here’s a glance at the dishes me and my family enjoyed:

Honey and Mustard Pork Loin
Thai Green Turkey Curry
Venison and Vegetable Medley

I was thrilled, and so were the family.  The quality of the meat and the vegetables were top notch and full of flavour.

Whether you’re pushed for time, want to break out of your comfort zone and try new dishes, or just fancy having restaurant quality food delivered straight to your door, I can’t recommend this enough.  It’s not something I personally could afford on a regular basis, but for the three days we were dining on these exquisit dishes, it felt like a mini-break, where we got to ‘eat out’ every night.  Real food, and much quick and cheaper than an Indian.

If you’d like to try The Original Supper Box for yourself use the code kuhn01 upon checkout for 10% off!!

Have you tried anything like this before?  Would you like to try it again?  What sort of dishes would you like to see freshly prepped and ready to cook in minutes?

5 thoughts on “The Original Supper Box Co. Fresh Ingredients Delivered to Your Door – Product Review

  1. This is really great! Much as I love to come up with my own recipes, I'd love to have someone do the shopping and planning for me once in a while.

  2. Looks lovely, and so convenient too. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while. I work pretty long hours, and sometimes don't get home until 7pm. So the thought of then cooking a complex meal is not something I want to do! So this would make it a lot easier. x

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