That’s the way love Goats: Delamere Dairy Goats Cheese – product review

I was recently very lucky to receive some wonderful products from Delamere Dairy, in the form of some lovely goats cheese.  I’m a real lover of more traditional goats cheeses myself, but what really excited me with this range was how family and child friendly the cheeses seemed to be.  I wasn’t disappointed!

Medium hard cheese

Plain log


The hard cheese was scrummy – and I used it just the way you would any other cheese.  We baked pizzas topped with grated hard cheese, and I topped my pasta and meatballs with it too.  The plain log is more like a ‘traditional’ goats cheese, and I have to confess I ate it all to myself (in a couple of sittings), with crackers and onion marmalade!
The spreadable was the kids favourite – and perfect for sandwiches!  What I love about all these cheeses is that they taste fresh and clean, and just cheesy!  If you like goats cheese, they are for you, and if you haven’t tried it before, or have tried it but didn’t like it, I really recommend the Delamere Dairy products.  I can’t wait to try the yogurts and butter.  For more information on their range, check out their website 

So why go goat?

The chief reason that people choose alternatives to cows milk products such as these is lactose intolerance.  While I am not intolerant, I am very sensitive to cows milk, and have to be very careful how much I eat or drink.  With these products I didn’t have to limit myself, and while it may not have been great for the diet, I did enjoy diving into the cheese and biscuits without having to limit myself.  The products are suitable for all the family – so no having to buy different things for those with a lactose intolerance, as everyone can tuck in.  Goats milk products are also easier to digest, and so great for children, the elderly, and those with digestive difficulties (that’s me)!  I was very impressed, and would certainly ‘go Goat’ again!

*PR samples – all views are my own

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40 thoughts on “That’s the way love Goats: Delamere Dairy Goats Cheese – product review

    1. Mmmm….that sounds amazing! We made pizzas too – but not quite so upmarket. I love a posh pizza with pesto, mixed leaves etc, but the rest of the family are not so adventurous. Will have to see if I can 'turn' them ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I couldn't find any cheese in my local Tesco in the Delemere Dairy brand – just the UHT milk, but I live in the middle of nowhere. I think it will be available at larger supermarkets, and will check with them as to when it will be available further afield.

    1. You know, I wasn't sure they would like it, and wasn't going to even suggest it to them if I wasn't convinced, but this range tastes so pure and clean you wouldn't even know it was goats cheese. It's goats cheese but not as we know it lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. You know what? My mum loves Goats Cheese! This looks great because of the range of it, and the packaging is so much more inviting. Her fave Goat's Cheese dish is either Goats Cheese and Fig Tart or Spinach and Goats Cheese Cannelloni xx

    1. Mmmmm….that sounds divine! Proper red juicy tomatoes though – not some of the hard tasteless ones you can buy now. Peppery rocket and balsamic vinegar (my fave low cal salad dressing) with the tasty cheese. You've made me hungry now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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