Mummy – Make Me a Minion: Kitchen Crazy Food Fun – Marshmallow Minions – #motivationalmonday

I think pretty much everyone I know loves the Minions from Despicable Me – they are everywhere.  When Jess and I was these on Pinterest, we had to have a go at making them ourselves.
Blue candy melts //  yellow candy melts //  white chocolate //  milk chocolate

I find the best way when melting multiple colours of chocolate is to pop them all in a big pan an a very low heat after the water has come to the boil, and leave theme there, stirring regularly until fully melted.  I love using these cheap plastic jugs.  They are around 35p each from most supermarkets, and perfect for things like this as they are heat and microwave (but not oven) safe.  I often use them to cool a portion of beans or sweetcorn (not these specific ones – I have about 10).  They are perfect because you can lift them out of the water, wrap them in a tea towel, and they are just right to use at the table with kids.
We dipped large pink and white marshmallows in the yellow candy melts and left to set
The tutorial called for blue fruit roll ups for the dungarees, but we don’t have them in the UK, so we used blue candy melts and dunked in the other side
We went a little high with the blue, but they are already looking very minion-like
We then finished off using white and milk chocolate for the eyes.  Writing icing would have been better but we improvised as we needed the chocolate for another project.
And they’re done!  Maybe not the prettiest minions in the world, but we had great fun making them, and I can think of worse things to practice at than making sweeties!
Motivational Monday

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28 thoughts on “Mummy – Make Me a Minion: Kitchen Crazy Food Fun – Marshmallow Minions – #motivationalmonday

  1. These are very cute. Hungry looking at them! Where do I get these candy melts from please as I'd love to try? x

  2. Brilliant! Very cute and I bet they didn't last long. And you're right, who doesn't like Minions. Kind of fascinated that there are fruit roll ups that are the right colour blue for Minion dungarees. Blueberries, maybe? Still seems a little artificial coloured for fruit roll ups! #MotivationalMonday

  3. such a great idea and one a lot of kids would enjoy making (and eating!)
    thanks for allowing me to use in my carnival (live from the 12th) x

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