Awesome giveaway prize: Christmas Flowbox Natural Food and Products Package – review

One of my wonderfully surprise Christmas pressies this year came in the form of a giveaway win from the lovely Sarah at Life in a Breakdown and the gorgeous Bex at Futures.  It was, as the title would suggest, a fabulous box absolutely brimming with festive goodies.  The original post is here but of course the giveaway is closed.  I include it as it gives a great rundown of the products I received, and a little more about the company themselves.  Here, I just want to glory in my loot, and share the joy with my lovely readers.

Behold the gorgeous contents within
And unpack the box of loveliness
Cute little Fair trade bird – I love her.  What will I call her?
And a fabulous present for a friend (it’s stunning – but I have a thing about oranges)
And there you have it – my awesome giveaway prize.  I have to say I love the ethics of the Flowbox company, that everything they include in the box is fairtrade.  I also love the plethora of products that are suitable for those with food intolerance’s.  I am very sensitive to alot of ingredients, especially nasty additives, and my doctor gives me pills to make my tummy happy.  What am I saying, I’m not one to skirt around things – I have IBS, and when I eat things that don’t agree with me, I know all about it.  I did go through periods o completely eliminating certain things from my diet, wheat, dairy etc, but now I eat them in very careful moderation.  The possibility of eating things without worrying at all however, is an exciting one.
A final rundown:
  • Chai Tea Latte from Drink Me Chai – this is already a firm favourite of mine.  I discovered it on a weekend away with J (the other half) where I just didn’t want the coffee and tea from the room service tray.  We made a stop in to ASDA for supplies (chocolate and magazines) and I picked up this baby.  I have been hooked ever since.
  • Choices’ Dairy Free Confectionery – waiting to be nommed
  • Mixed organic ‘Festive Nuts’ – waiting to be nommed
  • Garner’s homemade Organic Tomato Chutney – I adore chutney, so this will be nommed in cheese sammiches
  • Organic Mini Christmas Pudding – already nommed – and gorgeous!!
  • Michael’s Original Washing-Up Scraper – waiting for J to put to good use
  • Lavender sachet – in my knicker drawer where it belongs
  • Christmas Decoration from the India Shop – in pride of place and waiting for a name
  • Mulled wine spices – gifted to a dear friend

So, in short, I loved my prize.  I love the concept, and I love the contents.  This is certainly something I would consider subscribing to, especially if you are a fan of quality organic and fairtraid products, and/or have someone with intolerance’s in the family.  Every Easter I get tagged in emails from friends asking where to buy ‘free from’ choccies for those children in the family that can’t eat regular chocolate, but still want to be included.

You can order from the Flowbox website. Use the code GOFLOW13 for £5 off your order.

Are buying organic and/or fairtrade important to you?  Do you sometimes struggle to find delicious treats to suit your own food intolerance’s, or those of family?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.  They never fair to make me smile.  Thanks for reading x

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