A cup of tea and a biscuit: treasuring those you love – spread a little happiness #motivationalmonday

When Joy at Pinkoddy gave us the theme ‘spread a little happiness’ for February, I was thrilled!  I have been undergoing a bit of a transformation in the way I try to look at things of late, and anything would be a step up from ‘a slightly shorter version of January’ as a way to look at the month of February.  In the past I have scoffed at the Valentines month – writing it off as a ‘reason to sell greetings cards’.  Gosh – I can be a grump!  So, as part of spreading the love this month, and to start things off gently, I have been on a mission – with tea and biccies!
It’s very easy to take those we love for granted.  We cherish them, yet are often to busy doing other things to notice that you haven’t had a conversation that didn’t involve children or bills in a long time.  Short of sitting down with a pad and pen in the manner of a therapist and saying, ‘tell me about your day’, I did wonder how I could organically forge better communication between us, and make him feel like he had my whole attention at the same time.  By that, for me at least, that means no gadgets.  At that point, my mind went into rewind, and stopped, perhaps strangely, at Bewitched.
Far from getting on my broomstick and flying off, or wiggling my nose and getting J to do my bidding, I thought of the ubiquitous scenes where we saw Samantha ‘fix her husband a drink’, and ask him about his day.  While the idea of daytime Martinis did not appeal, it did make me think of the natural accompaniment to a drink – conversation!  As J gets home at 2.30, a cup of tea was just the ticket.
So, for the last week, I have made a point of having a cup of tea ready to go when J comes home, and have sat down with him for a cup of tea and a chat, before we both continue to go about our day.  I don’t think J has even noticed in all honesty, but knowing in myself that I have been taking time out to sit down and hear about his day.  I have more, increasingly more romantic (but still suitable for all the family) ideas that I will implement as the month goes on, but it will be a gentle progression, rather than an effort that lives fast and dies young.
If it’s been a while since you’ve had a proper chat with a friend of family member, I urge you to pop the kettle on, get the hobnobs out – and prepare to catch up.  There really is no better bonding than that which takes place over the great British cuppa!

Motivational Monday

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