Wheelchair fashion: Fever London Ivy Gown

At the end of last year I attended a fundraising ball for EDS UK.  Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder which effects pretty much everything in the suffers body.  I have EDS myself, hypermobility type, which is one of the many reasons I support the charity. When you have a disability, it is so important to focus on the nice things in life, the things that make your heart beat a little faster.  As a fashion lover, it was so great to see dozens of men and women, many of whom suffer with EDS draped in their finery and enjoying a meal together and having fun.

Fever London Gowns

I don’t need a good cause to wear a gorgeous dress, but in this case I did, and rocked this beautiful number from Fever London.  A formal gown, just perfect for a ball, a wedding or other occasion, the Ivy dress is feminine and timeless.  I wore the long version in nude, though it does come in a shorter length and in navy/ink.

2014-11-29 17.52.23-1

The length was just perfect for wheelchair wearability, and draped beautifully.  Looking at this picture, the only thing that could do with changing is my terribly clashing hand support.  I will have to see if I can find some that are a little more stylish.

2014-11-29 19.21.40

The neckline on the dress is both beautiful and super flattering.  I wore it with a statement necklace from accessorize which offset the dress perfectly.

2014-12-05 23.33.16

And here with my handsome husband, who scrubs up exceptionally well.  In fact he’s been looking so good on my arm lately I have a feeling he’s going to be featuring far more often in my fashion segments.  Every Princess needs her Prince.

Do you have a favourite dress that makes you feel fabulous?


4 thoughts on “Wheelchair fashion: Fever London Ivy Gown

  1. I'm a voluptuous lady, well in choosing a dress or clothes I make sure that it will perfectly flaunt my curves. I have many dress that makes me feel fabulous for confidence is a key to feel fab no matter what kind of clothes you wear. The dress you wore is very beautiful and so are you, the color perfectly matches your skin tone.

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