Wear what you want

Last month, an article listed all of the items of clothing were told not to wear in 2015.  The list was pretty exhaustive and included the majority of things you’d find in your average girls wardrobe.  This prompted Simply Be to launch their ‘Wear what you want’ campaign.  Why should any of us, fat of thin, short or tall, be told what we can and should wear?  I myself wear what I want and employ a swift two fingers up to anyone who would say that I can’t or shouldn’t.  Here are some of my 2015 fashion choices.

Plus size #OOTD
Bright and beautiful

Go bright or go home with a lime green peplum top, black skirt, and crochet cardigan secured with a chunky brooch.  Complete with ballet flats.

#ootd #psootd
Houndstooth dress and stillettos

A simple skater dress in a houndtooth print makes a bold statement when paired with stilettos and a red lip.

Short skirt and slogan top
Short skirt and slogan top

Who says a plus size wheelchair diva can’t rock a short skirt?  Outfit is completed with a brocade skirt from Forever 21, a petrol peplum jacket from Apples and Pears, slogan top from Forever 21 and slammin’ shoes from Evans.

Little black dress
Little black dress

A little black dress is your greatest weapon in the style wars, especially when paired with bountiful bosoms. Sparkling silver jewellry  from H&M points to a curvaceous cleavage in this LBD from Polly Grace.  Stunning silver shoes are from Asos.

Rock the crop
Rock the crop

Plus size beauties were called to arms this year to ‘rock the crop’ and show off their magnificent midriffs.  This outfit is all from Pink Clove.

Sultry swimwear
Sultry swimwear

This year I got to flash my legs of for the newspapers in sultry swimwear for the newspapers.  I found the experience so empowering and the reaction was extremely positive.

Boobs AND legs out

 I attended this years fashion awards wearing a glittering gold dress from Pink Clove. The wraparound dress showed off my spray tan to the max with both legs and cleavage out.

So what have you been wearing this year that makes you feel beautiful?  Because that is the only thing that matters, how YOU feel.

My friend Amber has also written a more in depth piece on this subject – go check it out!  She totally rocks the crop!

What outfit makes you feel beautiful?


10 thoughts on “Wear what you want

  1. Look at your lovely midriff! The crop sets off those gorgeous trousers so well, and you are owning it! I absolutely cannot get over your outfit for the fashion awards, you are giving off serious Amazonian Goddess vibes! I love it ♡♡♡ been having a cheeky catch up with your blog posts 😉

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