Recreate the look: Pinterest eyes – coloured waterline

Most nights between the hours of 10pm and the wee small hours of the next day, I can be found surfing You Tube, blogs, and Pinterest for inspiration.  I love having a compendium of things I could be doing, even if I sometimes don’t have the energy to do it. 

My makeup board on Pinterest has recently been heaving with gorgeous eye ideas.  There are so many colours and effects to explore, the possibilities are endless.  I love spotting a look, shopping for it if need be, and attempting to recreate it. I have a far more unpractised hand than the people who create the looks that make it to Pinterest, but heaps of enthusiasm for the art.

I’ve been playing with different liner colours, and inspired by pictures such as the one below, have been experimenting with different colours in the water line. 

I love the subtle lilac in the pic, and the gold tones along with the winged eyeliner and sculpted brows.  The copper really compliments the models green eyes.  To that end, as a blue eyed girl, I have been playing with blues.

In this look I have used a black gel liner to get the cat eye, and complimented it with Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer.  It’s available in 5 shades, but I used the 240 Aqua sparkle blue.

The pencil was nice and creamy and went on comfortably in my waterline.  Some liners can be quite solid and difficult to apply to this area, but this was easily blendable, and I was able to layer up the colour with no discomfort.  It also has a glittery iridescent quality, but no large loose bits of glitter that can fall into the eye.  The blue really made my eyes pop!

I was really pleased with this look, and will be exploring it more in future blog posts.  I have some new products that I am very excited about.

The complete look is what I generally go for when applying makeup.  Less the makeup itself, and more a better version of me.  I must get some better photo equipment than my smart phone and my unsteady hands, but the upshot is I get to practise a little more before entering into the world of HD.

Thank you for reading x

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