If the shoe fits…

Call me shallow, but as beautiful as I find the changing seasons, it is to the catwalk and the new seasons collections that I look to before pausing to take in the beauty of a frosty morning or a spring bloom.  Nature does it all so well, the rich autumnal colours and the bright hues of spring, it looks almost effortless year after year.  But it’s to the overflowing racks of gorgeous garments and fabulous footwear that I turn my attention when I want to be wowed by what’s available for us mere mortals to declare our intent for the coming season.

Dress from Taking Shape Shoes from Hotter
Dress from Taking Shape
Shoes from Hotter

For me, fashion is about self expression. It’s about the version of myself I want you to see today.  I adore the freedom to look girly, or chic, or businesslike at the drop of a hat just by throwing the right concoction of things on my body.   Regular readers will know that I love the challenge of tinkering with the styles on the high street and finding what works (what is comfortable and looks good) for a body reliant on a wheelchair.  The dynamics of this particular disabled persons body are such that I know my needs and I know what works, as far as clothing goes anyway.  When it comes to footwear however, things aren’t as open to artistic interpretation.

Most women are familiar with the struggles that come with finding the perfect shoes.  If you find a pair you like you have to find them in the right size. You want pretty but not calf crushingly uncomfortable. You want practical but not utilitarian. You want flattering shoes that fit without costing the earth.  Even as a wheelchair user, who one could argue uses their feet less than most, these are all considerations for me when I have a yen for beautiful shoes.  And one more thing…

I wear a size 8 shoe!

Not huge by today’s standards but certainly not dainty, especially considering I am only 5’4 from top to toe!

Enter Long Tall Sally, a store I would never have thought to venture into considering my very modest stature. How was I to know that they do the most amazing range of footwear? I was drawn to this gorgeous pair of pewter flats, just perfect for spring!

IMG_20160428_211700 (1)

Do you enjoy shoe shopping? How easy do you find it to buy shoes that fit just right?


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