Diarydoll: Possibly the best pants in the world

At the grand old age of 32, I have something to confess.  Amongst my other fabulous fashion fetishes I have a real thing for pants.  Not the pants of old – of my late teens and 20’s.  The knee to bust spanx that make weeing improbable and breathing impossible.  My belly tells a story and one that I’m damn proud of!  The concerns of my 30’s are much like those for the rest of my wardrobe.  I want them to cover the bits they are supposed to and look good.  Heck, when I’m doing a backstage quick change or driving through London at warp speed into an upcoming gust of wind, I want the people who have the pleasure of seeing my pants to say, hmmm, they look great!

Diary doll

While happily posing with these stylish knickers, I was thinking of what funny faces I could make.  When I choose to select them from the draw, it’s because they are my total faves and have saved me in so many situations.

Diarydoll pants, created by TV presenter Carol Smilie and tennis star Annabel Croft are not only comfy and look fantastic, but are completely waterproof from front to back.  Far from being obtrusive, you can’t even  tell any difference to other underwear – no crackly waterproof layer.  If fact you don’t even realise it’s there until your tampon fails and your white leggings or beautiful linens are perfectly protected.  Chuck your pants in the wash and they’re there for the next time you need them.

Never again will ‘period pants’ be the horrid ones with no elastic in the back of your drawer that you don’t mind sacrificing to the ravages of Aunt Flo.  Dairydoll are the last defense against periods or light bladder weakness getting in the way of life.

We’re women, we CAN and DO have it all, whether it’s that time of the month or not.


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