Top tips for buying a prom dress

Prom dress

So it’s time to start shopping for prom dresses and you cannot wait. You know exactly what you want but you’re open to, perhaps, a shorter dress, since they’re in right now.

 But sometimes the line between appropriate and inappropriate lengths can be forgotten, particularly if you’re considering buying prom dresses online. What exactly is appropriate and what should you be opting for?

 Firstly, you shouldn’t try and go for an incredibly short dress. What’s more, in most cases, you can easily look up your schools’ prom dress code to find out what type of dress length is appropriate and what isn’t.

What’s Appropriate?

To begin with, all skirts should pass the fingertips. Mainly it depends on the type of skirt you are wearing and how it looks on you, for your height. The best bet is to keep the skirt around three quarters of way down the leg. If the dress tends to ride up for some reason, consider slightly increasing the length.

Are Short Dresses Acceptable?

It can be difficult to determine dress length when buying prom dresses online. So be sure to get your measurements right. But, shorter dresses can be acceptable. Prom dresses don’t need to totally ignore fashion trends or look hideous.

 The first thing you should consider when shopping for dress length, is “what do I look great in?” While preferences like strapless/sleeves; royal blue or navy blue, are important, the primary consideration should be how much leg should be showing and what will suit your silhouette best. Consider trends, too, and whether or not you’ll wear your prom dress again. Don’t feel, though, that you need to buy a floor length opulent gown just because everyone else is.

 If you feel more comfortable in a shorter dress, go for it. Or, buy a longer dress and have the length altered to suite you.

 As for choosing shoes to go with the length of your dress – whether you’re considering buying prom dresses online or from a store – don’t feel like you need to wear towering heels to keep the dress of the floor, for example. Rather have the hemline altered to go with the shoes. You’ll have much more fun wearing fashionable but comfortable shoes that you can dance the night away in and now worry about tripping over your dress.

Having Your Prom Dress Length Altered

The first step is to find a good seamstress. Look in your local yellow pages or ask around for someone and try to have a look at samples of their work before they start on your dress. Your prom dress is undoubtedly of high quality, so you won’t want in ruined by someone with minimal experience. Also be sure to take a long your school’s length requirements for the seamstress.

 If you need to, plan to have the hem altered and allow plenty of time for alterations and fittings.

 If you need to add length to your dress, consider these three points:

 1.  Order a shawl that could be added to the bottom of your gown

2.  Make a high or low hemline for the dress. These hems are just as in fashion as floor length dresses. A high/low hemline will be short in the front and low in the back.

3.  Wear flat shoes. If you’re tall, wear flats with your dress if it can pull it off.

 It can be difficult finding the perfect length prom dress that you, your mum and the school will agree on. But with a little imagination and shopping around, you can find the perfect prom gown that will have you feeling beautiful as you comfortably dance the night away.

 What are you most looking forward too from your prom?


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