New Years Inspiration – What Inspires me as we go into 2014

As our #1 challenge in the 2014 blogger challenge, I cannot think of a more appropriate, or a less demanding blog post.  I kind of feel like a cheat, but the answers are so easy.

At the ripe old age of 31 (I know that’s no age, but I’ve lived alot of life, most of it less than ideal), I’ve actually began to tap into into the hook and eye of grace.  That feeling you get when everything is okay, not that everything will be okay if you just; lose 10lb’s, get a better job, promotion, raise.  If you move to a bigger house, meet a partner, win the lottery or whatever. Only then will life be acceptable.

The point is that though my journey has barely begun, to the point where I sometimes forget that it has an fall back into old habit (it’ll all be better when….), I have started to grasp the importance of living mindfully in the now.  That is for me, the key to peace of mind and stillness of spirit.  Sure, better health, a bigger income, less daily struggles would undeniably make my life easier, but the fact is that only by living with what life has given me right now will I ever know true happiness.  Without that, I will never truly know the lift of being presented with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, because I will always be chasing the next ‘fix’, the next ‘thing’ that will make my life complete.  As long as I am doing that, it never will be.

In true Sesame street style, and a welcome break from me being deep and meaningful (I promise it only happens every so often – mostly I’m as mad as a box of hair) – my personal 2014 will be sponsored by the words:


And by the important people in my life, without whom none if this would be possible (can I have my Oscar now?), my fiancee Jason (otherwise known as J, unless he’s been naughty) and my two beautiful children Cameron and Jessica.

I hope you guys have a fabulous 2014, and I look forward to hearing about your personal journeys throughout the year, wherever they may take you.

34 thoughts on “New Years Inspiration – What Inspires me as we go into 2014

  1. kind words!, because I identify with what you say, we can not expect to be happy with things that may not have, but still happy with what life gives us in the now already! …. Greetings!, great post! <3

  2. Lovely post! Gratitude is such an incredible thing to practice, i'm currently doing a 365 day project where I write down and take a photo of something i'm thankful for every day. Amazing how much more thankful I have become of the smaller things. Happy new year! x

  3. Wishing you all the best in 2014! Gratitude and Acceptance are great words to live by! Living in the now and enjoying where you are in life right now is probably the best advice you can give… seriously! So many people constantly look forward at what they want and don't even realize how happy they could be just living in the moment. Great post! I just wrote my post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge today! you can check it out here. Kristen | Life & Laughter

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