Mummy son time: so precious!

As any regular readers will know, I am blessed with two beautiful children – my pigeon pair, Cameron and Jessica.  Jess is 11 and a pretty regular guest on my blog, as we do so many fun activities together from baking to crafts to manicures.  Cameron is usually featured in the back of photos, playing on the Xbox with friends.  It’s a good trade off, because we get to craft and make delicious things for him and his friends to munch, and he gets to do what interests him.
My two with Moo the cat
I won’t go on to much, as any mum can about their kids, but I am so proud of who they both are.  My son, who stands at 6′ and is not quite 14, really is so kind and sensitive.  He is turning into the most amazing young man.
My daughter gets very car sick, which isn’t great for her, but we have found a way around it – which is for her to wear headphones and listen to music during the journey.  She takes after me on that one, as I am almost constantly plugged into my Skull Candies.  While I drive, and Jess is plugged in, I get a fantastic window of time with Cam, where we just talk and talk and talk.  I don’t really ‘enjoy’ driving, it tires me out, and I pretty much do it to get where I’m going.  I am the complete antithesis or a petrol-head.  These drives however are precious.  Cam is so switched on, we talk about everything, from current affairs to music to life in general.  We set the world to rights.
I’m a very uncool mummy who is rubbish at Xbox – so you’d think relating to any nearly 14 year old boy in conversation would be hard, even my own son, but it’s not.   These journeys really form the backbone of our relationship, and these are one of the things I most look forward to, other than the odd stolen and embarrassed hug.
To all mums of sometimes sullen teenage boys, don’t fret, there’s a wonderful young man growing and changing under all the teenage angst.  You’re raising the next generation, and you’re doing great!
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36 thoughts on “Mummy son time: so precious!

  1. that's lovely! it does sound like he is growing into a lovely young man. mine are a lot younger, its so weird to imagine them at that age but it will be here before i know it im sure!

  2. Oh its lovely that you can have your time together. My son is always on his xbox. But we have our "little " chats when Im taking him to school. He is only 8, but he gets very embarassed when i try to hug him,lol. So have to treasure each one that I manage to eventually get.

    1. Thank you. Teenagers are very different. I know when they are small it can feel like you constantly have a child hanging off you, but it goes so fast and they are all grown up. It's our job to give them roots and wings. No more important job than Mum x

  3. Oops, posted through wrong Id, so removed my previous comment (feels sheepish). Just that I think there is a special bond between mothers and sons, whatever their age.

  4. Such a beautiful post. There is nothing like spending quality time with your son 🙂 I love the little moments when I get my eldest talking to me about his life and dreams (and also I am very bad at xBox) 🙂

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