Lets talk about pets: update and my manic monday – motivational monday

Today is a super busy day for me – so my blog post is a bit of a mixed bag.  I’m happy with that though as I have some updates, and I adore motivational Monday – it gets my week off to a great start.

Lets talk about pets: update

In that way life sometimes has of punctuating life’s small and often forgotten events, my views on cats and litter boxes got thrown a curve ball after my post, and the event was definitely one fitting of an exclamation mark.  Here’s why:

That’s right.  Completely out of the blue – both cats started using their litter box as a bed, to the point where they were hot-bunking.  After using the paper based litter that I was sent instead of my wood pellets, me and J noticed neither cat was using the tray.  We shut their ‘cat window’ at night time, so the poor mites were holding it till morning (after spending all night walking up and down my previously sleeping body to alert me to their plight).  Then on Saturday we were having chats and activities in the dining room where the litter tray is, and noticed their new and unique use for their loo.  What a good thing we keep it super clean.  I have decided after some really useful chatter with readers to try them again with wood chips.  Where we live is semi-rural so I’m pretty sure we will be able to get a fairly large bale delivered quite cheaply.  Then the litter tray can revert from toilet back to bed.

Nerve conduction study

Today I am going to my local (ish) hospital for a nerve condition study.  It involves having needles put under the skin and electric current being sent through to test nerve function.  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an illness whereby the nerves get sent incorrect signals by the brain, so this test is to gauge what sort of stage I am at.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but it’s the same hospital where one of our two new baby nephews is staying till he’s ready to come home with his Mummy, so we are going to visit him while we are there.


So I can lick my wounds after my hospital appointment, if I have the energy.  I haven’t hit the high street for a while, and I love to hit the shops every now and again.  My shopping hauls are without fail total bargains, and the first shop I head for is Poundland.  I have a few other bits on my list too if the price is right

So that’s my Monday all planned out.  Do you have any plans for today?  What gets you motivated on a Monday?

Join in the MM love on Pinkoddys blog.  I love a good blog hop, and this one especially has really helped me attack my week with a better attitude and a stubborn smile.

Motivational Monday

37 thoughts on “Lets talk about pets: update and my manic monday – motivational monday

  1. Wow! I have never before seen cat's do that, and they look so happy in the process too!Good luck with the test today, and I hope you find some excellent bits on your pound shop haul x

  2. LOL at your cats bless them. Hope the nerve conduction study goes well and you enjoy treating yourself afterwards. Aww thank you and thank you for joining in 🙂 have a great week.

  3. One of my cats scrats in the wood shavings box we have for cleaning out the guinea pig (indoor) given absolutely NO chance whatsoever. Turn my back and she's making a nest in there…….. As for using a litter box as a bed- I think you need to consider changing your cat litter lol!!!

  4. I love poundland. I just wish there was one closer that didn't involve a trip into town; I don't drive and the husband doesn't like driving round town so I hardly ever get to go.I have to use B&M and The Range to get my shopping fix!

  5. As it's Tuesday already, I hope your tests went well and didn't hurt as much! I did one in my hands and it was annoying and left my hands tired for more than a day… Your cats look adorable 🙂

  6. This is hilarious, their faces are like… don't photograph us jeeez… it's our toilet but's it'z sooooo cumfyyyyyyy <3 Bless them. Our Lola Cat is such a minx, she has a toilet put our soft clean clothes are much better to use apparently so I prefer your issue! lol

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