Let’s go fly a kite: crafting and outdoor fun – what’s the story? #getyourcrafton

Jess and I have been really enjoying our crafting on these wet and windy days we’ve been having.  In addition to our own independent endeavours, we have been lucky enough to receive free samples of both The Toucan Box and The Weekend Box.  They are generally aimed at a lower age group than our 11 and 31 respectively (my 14 year old prefers XBox), but we were happy to give the crafts a crack.

What better on a windy day than an opportunity to make a kite.  It was very simple, make with drinking straws and carrier bags, but the giggles we had making it were only surpassed my the giggles we had trying to fly our creating.  It was surprisingly aerodynamic.

After having a go flying our kite out of two different bedroom windows, we decided that the only true test was to take it out in the big wide world – aka our road.  Where we live is semi-rural, so there are plenty of fields and open spaces.  The only problem with that is my wheelchair does not cope well with grass, so we took our kite on a trip to the corner shop for some sweets.  It did in fact fly so well in the wind that it had to be put away in my bag lest we lose it forever.  We had a great time, and lots of laughs.  The sweeties were a bonus.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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