Feminism and the modern family: access to education and contraception – Love and Marriage

With our impending nuptuals less than 4 months away, J (my fiance) and myself have had alot to think about.  Though our ponderings and priorities may vary, there is one thing for sure – we both want to get married, and for no reason other than we love each other very much and intend to spend the rest of our lives together.  
I would like to begin the next paragraph ‘back in my Grandmas day’ or even ‘back in my Mothers day’ things were different, but for me personally I only need to rewind nearly 16 years to a time when things were very
 different.  Despite excellent predicted GSCE grades, and a modicum of intelligence, I found myself in a situation which was and still is all to common.  To much to young, and pregnant at 16.  While I will never regret the pregnancy itself, as it resulted in the birth of my beautiful son, I have to say that even then, in the late 1990’s I had very few choices available to me.
As the proverbial Dancing Queen at only 17, marrying a man more than twice my age, I felt no love, only terror and a grudging acceptance of the fact I would have to ‘lay in the bed that I had made’ and marry my sons father.  No choice, no love, and no happy ending.
My two beautiful children aside, no good was ever to come from this union.  It was and could never be a marriage of equals, not only because of the huge age difference when I was still so young, but because I had grown up to believe I did not deserve happiness, and that I did not have a voice.
At 31 I have grown and matured.  I know that my body and my mind are my own, and it is down to me and me alone to choose who I give them to.  I am blessed to have chosen a very kind and loving man who treats me well and respects me as a woman and a person.  This is the part where I can refer back to my Grandmothers time – certainly that of my Fathers parents who were devout Catholic and had many children that they had neither the resources nor the inclination to raise to any standard.  Despite not yet hitting 60, my father has tales of sharing a bed with his 4 sisters and going to bed hungry most nights.
It is for all these somewhat personal reasons, and that I believe wholeheartedly in a womans right to choose.  To choose what happens to her body, when and if she will have children.  This comes from a liberal and open attitude to family planning, and access to contraception.  I have always been  very open and honest with my children, and any questions they have asked me I have answered. I hope this will lead to good choices for both of them.  Feminist issues are not just for females, and I hope I am helping to raise a son with strong feminist ideals who will love and respect his partner.  Using contraception responsibly is a big part of that love and respect.
It is for all those reasons that I was very pleased to have the opportunity to review a brand new product from Durex.  A new offering from the well known brand is the Real Feel condom, giving users the benefit of the most comprehensive protection from pregnancy and STI’s as well as being super thin for maximum sensitivity during lovemaking.   From young adults just starting to explore their sexuality to married couples or those in long term relationships, condoms provide a very real choice when considering the issue of contraception, one which should always be a part of a loving relationship.  You can find my video review on the website, as well as further information and feedback from some other lucky testers.  After all that thorough ‘testing’ and chocolate eating over Easter, I think you could spot each of us by the Cheshire cat grin from miles away.

My thoughts on the subject

Off for some more ‘testing’ and chocolate…..thanks for reading xXx

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