Wheelchair Fashion Goes Vintage With Voodoo Vixen

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the London Edge alternative fashion showcase as London Olympia.  There were all sorts of scrummy trends there from vintage to steampunk to gothic, and I wanted to bring it all home.  If I were forced to choose a specific trend, I would have to plump (no pun intended) for vintage as the 1950’s were just built for curves.  It was an era in which women were actively putting on the pounds to get that perfect curvy silhouette.  I was so born in the wrong era!

Voodoo Vixen has a great plus size range and I just adore their collection.  On the day I was lucky enough to be wearing the Adeline floral print vintage inspired dress, modeled here by the lovely Lynn Pots.

Voodoo Vixen Adeline Plus Size Dress

The great thing with a vintage style dress is that it’s super wearable and super flattering.  Okay, that’s two things, but you get the picture.  It needs little adaptation for a wheelchair user as it goes in and out in all the right places.  Here’s the dress on me.


Yes, there was lots of posing going on, and super charged winged eyeliner.

I have lots of experience of tucking and folding dresses so they don’t get in my wheels or meet some other wheelchair based demise.  The prime example of this is my wedding dress, from my wedding (duh!) which I am still yet to write about.  I have failed you dear readers.  Anyway, this dress had perfect contours for wheelchair wearability, even though you might not think that to look at it.  I executed two little side tucks, one under each thigh, and the dress sat beautifully.  I was wearing a 28″ fluffy petticoat underneath for volume.  I have tried wearing vintage dresses with a longer petticoat so it is showing at the bottom, but for me it just doesn’t work.  I know the look is solid for alot of vintage dresses, and looks beautiful on the models, but it’s essential to remember that you have a different silhouette when in a wheelchair to someone who is standing, and make adjustments for this.  Alot of it is personal taste and alot is trial and error, but always try a look, even if you’re not sure it will work.  How else will you expand your wardrobe and try new trends?

Accessories were minimal.  I wore diamond studs and a pearl necklace.  I also wore lace sleeves underneath the dress as the day was quite chilly.  I loved the look and had a great day with some amazing people.

Do you have a signature look or do you like to mix and match?


11 thoughts on “Wheelchair Fashion Goes Vintage With Voodoo Vixen

    1. You would rock the vintage look sweets – especially with your funky and ever changing hair (which I am just a little bit in love with 😉 )

      1. You look a picture Vicki, you really do. Wheelchair wearability is not something i've ever considered so reading your article was an eyeopener. I have a female friend who's a wheelchair user and since reading this article, I've talked to her about the struggles she has finding suitable clothing. I've recently setup a fashion blog but its a bit of a work in progress. I definitely feel inspired now to add some more content. Check out https://fashionista298.wordpress.com/ if you get chance.

    1. Where would we be without the internet? Very bored and sitting around in yoga pants probably haha! Thanks for the comment sweetie xx

  1. as someone who is not in a chair, I am saddened that this issues have never occurred to me. What a mitzvah you do for women everywhere!

    1. Thank you Julie – it's one of Borjois new super pigmented glosses that I'm pretty in love with. Gotta have red red lippy when you go vintage 😉

  2. You look beautiful in that dress!!! I'm going to check out voodoo vixen now! Thanks for introducing me to them. 🙂

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