Wheelchair Fashion Goes Vintage With Voodoo Vixen

11 thoughts on “Wheelchair Fashion Goes Vintage With Voodoo Vixen

    1. You would rock the vintage look sweets – especially with your funky and ever changing hair (which I am just a little bit in love with 😉 )

      1. You look a picture Vicki, you really do. Wheelchair wearability is not something i've ever considered so reading your article was an eyeopener. I have a female friend who's a wheelchair user and since reading this article, I've talked to her about the struggles she has finding suitable clothing. I've recently setup a fashion blog but its a bit of a work in progress. I definitely feel inspired now to add some more content. Check out https://fashionista298.wordpress.com/ if you get chance.

    1. Where would we be without the internet? Very bored and sitting around in yoga pants probably haha! Thanks for the comment sweetie xx

  1. as someone who is not in a chair, I am saddened that this issues have never occurred to me. What a mitzvah you do for women everywhere!

    1. Thank you Julie – it's one of Borjois new super pigmented glosses that I'm pretty in love with. Gotta have red red lippy when you go vintage 😉

  2. You look beautiful in that dress!!! I'm going to check out voodoo vixen now! Thanks for introducing me to them. 🙂

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