Wheelchair fashion: casual cream slouch jacket and monochrome – lovely layers and amazing accessories #OOTD

Love New York Tee from Pink Clove – £4   //  Cream slouch jacket from Asos – £25  //  Monochrome peg trousers from Asos – £11  //  Monochrome print infinity scarf from Dorothy Perkins – £5  //  Biker boots from Asos – £25

This is ‘phase one’ of the capsule wardrobe I talked about in last weeks ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ post, so I’m a little out of sync and repeating items two weeks in a row.  I won’t apologise for that as these trousers are so fine!  I have teamed them in this look with a gorgeous New York print top – which actually has a very nice scene pictured.  I will try and post it in another look and another pose – as I’m working on ways that I can let you guys see the full look as it may look on someone who is not in a chair all day, without losing the ‘wheelchair fashion’ feel of my posts.  These looks are accessible for anyone, but especially so for those who are disabled, and those looking for comfort as well as style.
The jacket is so great, as it is a perfect blend of smart and casual.  It is tailored without being to crisp or formal, and gives a great ‘slouchy’ look.  I know I will be wearing it alot against the spring chill.  Ditto with the infinity scarf, which I just adore.  I love experimenting with outerwear, and taking it into account when I plan an outfit, rather than just throwing on any old coat or cardi on the way out the door.  The thing with this look is it looks like you just threw it on without thinking, and the separates just happened to look fabulous.  That is so often my goal – to look good, without looking overly groomed, like popping to Sainsburies in Dior and Manolos.
This layered look is perfect for wheelchair fashion, as it looks pulled together without relying on any one piece to make it stand out.  This is a perfect fashion tactic for Mums too, as if any one item gets wet, dirty, or thrown up on, it can be easily replaced.  Wheelchair problems such as grubby cuffs for a self propelled wheelchair user, or wet hems from splashing are a little different to those of Mums, but dirt is still dirt.

Black and silver spiral earrings from Claire’s –  £2.50 BOGOF  //  Long necklace (pendant in top photo) from Peacocks – £4  //  Sunglasses (pictured above) from Claire’s – £10

I adore accessories, and I often go big, just as with my hair.  Hopefully here you can see that I can rock it without looking too Pat Butcher, may she rest in peace 😉 I’m usually silver jewellery all the way, as here, though I have been experimenting with some rose gold of late. My hair is very 80’s, so I just go with what God gave me, as it takes so much time and product to get it straight, though I have been working on its condition (more on that story later).  I love adding a little height to my hair and this style is so simple (quick how-to here).  Along with the sunnies, either on my head or my eyes, it made for an ultra-casual yet bling-tastic accessory combo.  
Thanks for reading – I have so much more that I can’t wait to share with you guys.  If you ever want a sneak peak of what is going on in my world before it hits the blog, be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter.

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