We are experiencing technical difficulties – and completely subsumed by Netflix

Happy Thursday lovelies!  As the title would suggest, it’s all going technologically wrong (and a little bit right) in the Kuhn household.  That’s my married name, and I know it’s cheating to use if before I get married, but really, wouldn’t you want to lose a surname like Wombwell as quick as possible?  I know both are hard to pronounce, and both need spelling out over the phone, but at least I’m losing a few letters.  So, what’s been going on in the K-U-H-N (pronounced queue-eN) household…

My netbook had bottomed out

I usually use a netbook for surfing and blogging.  It’s small enough that I can pick it up, and the keys are nice and soft.  On J’s laptop right now I a) feel like a giant and b) already have hurty hands from the pretty mean keyboard.  Darn hypermobile clicky weirdy fingers.  This has meant I’ve mostly been accessing the web in my phone.  It is pretty big (just slightly smaller than an iPad mini) but for me, there are some things you can only do on a ‘real’ computer, not a tablet/smartphone.  That’s my preference anyway.  My brother in law is hugely techy.  He’s an IT guy, though I’ve never asked the specifics.  It’s a bit like the thing with Chandler in FRIENDS for those old enough to remember, or those who  have been working their way through the box sets.  Which gives me a nice segway into….

Netflix box set marathons

Not being able to use my computer has left me at a bit of a loose end.  Of course I could clear the clutter in my house, put some things on eBay, cross a tonne of things off my to do list, but that just wouldn’t be any fun!  After hearing so much about Orange is the New Black, and only being able to get it on Netflix, I signed up for a free month with them.  Rather than enjoying the summer sunshine (which I don’t actually enjoy – I love the sun, but the heat makes me hurt) we watched two series in two days, and are now on to Breaking Bad.  If history is anything to go by, we’ll be watching till 2am and waking in the morning bleary eyed.  Blog posts on both series to follow, I promise.

And a move is in the offing

I am moving my blog to wordpress, self hosted, which I learned is the way to go at the awesome Britmums Live.  Blogger has also been seriously glitchy so it seemed like a good time to make the move.  It will make the blog more streamlined and easier to navigate, plus should be more user friendly for me, so I can spend my time writing, which I love, rather than playing with tech, which I am a little ambivalent about.  I like the results, but my passion lies in the writing and sharing what I’m passionate about with you guys.


Though posts may be a little sparse in the next week or two, please do bear with me.  I have a SD card full of awesome pics of the things I have been doing, learning about, researching.  I also have a huge list of posts, which are all to come.  Summer makeup, catwalk fashion, family fun, awesome television and setting the tone for things to come in a dozen different humanitarian and equal rights issues.  It’s all in the offing.
Stay tuned dudes….the best is yet to come!

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