Walking sticks just got funky!

I know what you’re thinking – that has to be an oxymoron.  Canes are what your grandad uses and pins little metal badges to.

Not anymore – sticks just got 21st century!

Check out this post by fellow bloggers over at Ablieze Off the Wall Disability and Disabled blog

I only use sticks inside – but these are so gorgeous!  I think I would have to start inviting more people over for coffee just to show off my sticks – especially if I can get one to coordinate with my wardrobe favourites

My current sticks are like this:

They are nice and lightweight, and I can manage one in each hand.  When I need more stability (and a hand), I use a quad (which is a bit like a tripod on the bottom, but with four claws – a quadpod perhaps?) – but it is quite heavy, and very very unattractive!

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