THE Wedding: The Dress The Hair The Shoes – How to build a Disabled Bride

 The Dress

Has been especially made for me – not only for my size and shape, but taking into account that I will be sat down for a good portion of the day.  Choosing a tea length dress has meant I haven’t had to take into account trains snagging on wheels etc.  It will of course look miles better on me than it does in the stunning model above.

The Hat

Every bride needs to think carefully about what she’s doing with her hair.  Clips, fascinators or tumbling curls are all for the taking.  For my vintage feel dress I am going for a cute little hat handmade by Karen at Mind Your Bonce.  The hat is very similar to the one above but made with the same lace as my wedding dress.  Her creations are stunning and the quality and attention to detail is amazing, so I can’t want to don my custom creation on the day.

The Hair

Very similar to that of the model in the picture of my dress.  I am going to have some pin curls up the side and a slightly smoother bun.  I like a nice bouffy behive too.  The hat will be worn on the right.  I have had a run through with my hairdresser and it looks fabulous!

The Shoes

Their gorgeousness is nowhere near shown in this pic – but I do want the finished look to be a surprise, for you guys and for me.  I went for flats as my Daddy is going to walk me the few steps down the very short aisle, hopefully without either of us taking a tumble and with the aid of some awesome accessories.

The Crutches

Again sported by a gorgeous model and also my beautiful friend Gemma who is a model.  I have a pair of my own, but I thought I would let Gems show off the glamsticks that will enable my Daddy to walk me down the aisle while looking totally fabulous!

The accessories

I have a pile of pearls, diamonds, chokers and chains.  I am going to see what I think goes best on the day.

The Wheelchair

Is pretty boring and usually just comes along with me for the purposes of getting around, as it will on my special day.  It is a bit battered and bruised (much like myself) and will be spruced up with organza and silk flowers that match my bouquet.
And I think that’s all I can really share without totally giving the game away.  Our big day is THIS SATURDAY 16th August so if you want to see pics before I pick the best ones for the blog and quickly delete the ones of me sneezing on the registrar or giving the photographer an unfortunate flash of my gusset, follow me on instagram for all the action as it happens.

18 thoughts on “THE Wedding: The Dress The Hair The Shoes – How to build a Disabled Bride

  1. What a beautiful collection! You will look completely radiant. I did not plan my wedding attire this much at all. I went to Target, got a kids' dress that fit and was off white, and off I went LOL

  2. I saw pictures of you around the internet on your wedding day and thought you looked stunning. Loved that the style seemed completely suited to you. I didn't know you but just happened to come across your blog and had to comment. Many congratulations to you! x

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