Taking care of our relationship, our health, having fun and letting go – #motivationalmonday

It’s a late entry from me today – mostly because I have spent the whole day having a jolly good time.
Both in the wake of Valentines day, and with our February caveat of treasuring those we love, J and I have been to a local spa for the day, where we swam, steamed and jacuzzi’d our cares away.  This is not an everyday thing for us, but I think it is really important for Mums and Dads (or Mums and new partners in the case of blended families, as in ours) to take time out and look after their relationship as a couple, and not just as parents.  It’s all about balance, which is not always easy to find, but is magic when you do.
I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the spa area, so will start off with the money shot – our afternoon tea
And yes, it was just as delicious as it looks – but light, not to heavy at all.  It was the perfect end to a lovely day.
I find that it’s on days like this, when I have the space and time to think that I tend to evaluate and think about what I’m doing and where I’m going.  Of course my I is always a silent we as I have a family to think of, but as I am not the queen I shall use I.
One thing that me and the Mr have decided to actually do and not just talk about, it so start swimming.  It’s a difficult one for us because of the wheelchair, as we can only go to certain swimming baths.  I am a tad vain, and refuse to use the hoist available to get disabled people into the pool at our local.  I have researched, and we have two sports centres a short drive that will be far more accessible.  My general fitness is terrible really as I am so restricted in what I can actually do.  In water, I can more or less walk, and swim obviously, as the water supports the body and joints, so it is literally the only exercise I can do.  It’s something I will have to work up to.  Way back when, I used to be able to do 80 lengths, but with getting changed and the drive along with my poor level of fitness, I will have to be patient with myself and know that if I do one length one week, and two the next that’s ok.  I don’t want to make myself ill, I want to get fit.  Fitter than I an right now anyway.
Tea came with Prosecco – which J had, but it did look so nice on the table
I also want to blog a little more about disability uses – more than anything the accessibility of places I visit.  I find that unless we have a dry run, visiting the most simple of places can come with so many challenges, and it would be great to be able to read about the things to consider before a trip.  As this isn’t really a resource which is readily available on the net, I would like to start doing a few myself.
But irrespective of my musings, today was about having fun and letting go.  We had a jolly good time (usual disability issues not withstanding) and there was cake!  More importantly…there was cake!!
A grand Valentines gesture of love and togetherness from me this Monday, which was only possible because of a fabulous offer that made the day a steal.   
I am looking forward to having you guys right there (so to speak) for my swimming and blogging endeavours, which I’m sure will start to bear fruit shortly.  Your support and enthusiasm is balm to my ego, as I am very easily swayed when I hit bumps in the road and experience resistance and negativity from the world at large.  It’s so great to be part of a community that cheers each other on, and is there for the good and the not so good.  I love you guys too – and I hope you know that, and enjoy the pictures of cake.  Did I mention the cake?
Motivational Monday

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  1. The afternoon tea looks delicious – glad you had a lovely day! I definitely think you should consider blogging about the accessibility of places & provide resources for others as I'm sure it would help so many people. Good luck with your new fitness endeavours! xo

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