Summer fashion tips for wheelchair users

Summer’s here and the time is right…for wearing cute summer trends!

There are things to consider when dressing as a wheelchair user.  Your outfit needs to be comfortable, wearable and cover the bits you want it to.  This is totally doable when shopping the high street trends, if you know what you’re looking for.  Here are my top tips to fabulise yourself while making the most of the gorgeous weather.


  1. Who wears short shorts?

You do!  Sitting down, you are in the best position to show off your shapely pins.  A pair of stunning tailored shorts are made for the job.

  1. Play with skirt length

While a short skirt may leave you flashing your undies in a paparazzi style knicker shot, a sheer pleated maxi skirt will keep you cool and covered while remaining right on trend.

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  1. Don’t stop at short shorts

Cropped tops are coming every which way this season.  If you’re proud of your abs, a plain high neck cropped tee will draw all eyes abwards. Have a beautiful bust? Show off those beauties in a modern halter neck.

  1. Don’t cover up those cover ups

This season brings us a fabulous line in cover ups that do anything but.  A pair of open weave trousers or a light crochet cardi will finish off an outfit without turning up the temperature dial.


  1. Get a little shirty

Cool cotton shirts are super versatile.  Wear tied at the waist or under the bust for one of this seasons signature looks, or loose over a white spaghetti strap top for daytime casual.

  1. Appreciate the view

When you are shopping or putting together an outfit, try putting yourself in the shoes of someone standing taller than you, as the majority of people will be.  Just as with considering skirt length (what is short on someone standing may be a direct window to your panties), think about what you are showing to the general public who can for instance look straight down a top that seems otherwise demure.  Think of what’s on show and only show what you want others to see.

  1. Burn the spanx

Not literally obviously, you don’t want any law suits.  More than eschewing any underwear which totally negates your ability to breath, this is really to drive home the point that you should wear what’s comfortable.  You can find plenty to wear that is comfortable and cute.  What’s more, gurning from impossible underwear or something cutting off your circulation is not a good look.


  1. Forget the rules

If a tight mini and plunging neckline makes you feel amazing, wear it.  The great thing about fashion is there are no rules.


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