Product review Jelly Pong Pong shadow/liner in bronze

Novembers present to myself was Love Me beauty box, and it really was Happy November to Me.  When you’re a grown up and you’ve earned your stripes (as have I, with proper tiger belly), you don’t have to wait for Christmas to treat yourself!  My partner is withholding my Santa presents till Christmas day (meanie) – so what’s a girl to do?

One of the products in my chosen box was a chunky shadow/liner crayon from Jelly Pong Pong in bronze.  I have been experimenting with brown liner on my lower lashes, so this was a welcome find.  It really is ‘bronze’ as a light chestnut with gorgeous gold undertones.

It shimmers in the light as you move, which you can’t really see from the photo.  It’s also very easy to work with, for whichever look you want.  You could have a very light line, even with the chunky tip, but I chose to layer the colour up and go for a subtle smudged look.

I didn’t use any base (not even primer), as I wanted to see how the product went on all on it’s own.  I have problems with fine motor skills due to disability, but I found it super easy to apply. I actually used a super cheap eyeshadow brush to blend out, which I trimmed with nail scissors (I am currently in the market for a smudger brush).  The fact that I got the desired look with such inexpert tool I think says alot.

You can see the effect I was going for more in the right picture because of the angle I took the photo at.  I layered the colour up, and blended it out to a subtle wing. I love that you can’t really see ‘makeup’, more the actual look I was going for, and I love that.  Some days I want statement makeup, and love red lips and winged eyes, some days I want to look as if I just rolled out of bed looking put together.  With no makeup, I just look pale and ill.

Would I buy again?  Absolutely!  This is going to be well used, as my daughter (who is 11) is very into real/grown up makeup, and I know this shade would be perfect for her.  Black is just to harsh for her while she’s still so young, and I am working on getting the perfect look together for her makeup as my bridesmaid next August.  I don’t think this is the last you will be seeing of this pencil in future makeup looks.  It is available to buy here in this colour and others.

The nail varnish in this photo is Red Alert by Models Own.  It’s a lovely cheerful red, which I think I will be using for some festive nail art nearer to Christmas.  My mani is on day 4 with no top coat, and is still looking great!

I would love to hear any comments, as they make me so happy.  Even if it’s just to tell me I look boss-eyed in the open eye photo, which I know I do.  It’s hard to take a picture and not look at the display at the same time.  Will work on my photo skills, as promised.

Thanks for reading x

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