Presenting…lil’ ‘ol me :-)

Wow – I finally did it!  I’ve been foostering around with the idea of blogging for an age – and this eve thought, heck, why not.  Here are some of the thought processes leading to this blog and this post…which if you pop in, I would imagine you will see alot of.

It’s good to talk

I like to talk.  I like to write.  As I spend alot of time at home (reasons to follow), I write as I would talk if all the lovely Youtubers, Facebookers, Pinteresters and Bloggers were in my front room (or bedroom) and I were chatting about their vids, pins and posts.  I love to interact!!  While people joke that ‘blogs are a forum so you can talk and even more people can ignore you’, I a) don’t believe that, and b) don’t care.  If I enjoy writing, that’s great.  If even one person enjoys reading what I have written, and gets something from it – even better!!

Get out of your box

I think alot of people using social media end up in a ‘box’.  You often have ‘the fashion blogger’ ‘the make-up YouTuber’ ‘the disabled Facebooker’, and I myself have people/posts I consult for specific purposes.  I think if you are passionate enough about any one subject, you should make it yours and go for it.  I however do not have enough to say about any one thing to blog about only that.  I wrote a blog many years ago when I was going through a very bleak time in my life, and a dark depression pervaded my soul.  While I got alot out of writing, I don’t know how cathartic it *really* was.  I think it made me wallow at times.  For people who can write about dark times with healthy detachment, there is of course no subject which should be left uncovered in this day and age.  For me however, I know I can’t do that, so a spotty convoluted all-over-the-place blog it is!

If you are still reading

Wow – you trouper!

To follow will be a general post about myself and my life…but for now, you’ve really earned a rest 😉

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