OOTD houndstooth check plus size glam

OOTD may be stretching it a little as this dress has been a part of so many go to looks in this last month.  If you follow be on social media you are probably sick of seeing this dress I have worn it some much, but that’s because I love it so much!!  Here’s the look:

2015-06-25 14.00.30

Yes I am giving you bedroom eyes, they are my weapon in the style wars.  J seriously thought his luck was in here despite the fact that the hotel we were staying at put us in a twin room (rant on that one coming another time).

This awesome dress scuba dress from Pink Clove has only been off my back to go in the wash, or when it’s just too hot for clothes for a ton of reasons.

  1. I have just found out that scuba anything is super flattering as the fabric has a unique texture that makes it sit perfectly. #buyallthescuba
  2. It’s a skater dress.  You simply can’t go wrong with a skater dress whatever your shape.
  3. It’s the perfect length.  When I’m sat down in my wheelchair it sits just past my knee, which for me if the perfect length for a shorter skirt.  I never have to worry about paparazzi style crotch shots, unless is is windy, in which case I employ the use of duck tape.
  4. The print is to die for.
  5. It works for daytime or evening.
  6. And a whole bunch of other reasons I won’t bore you with.  I think by now you get that I freaking love this dress!

In this pic I am wearing the dress with simple black spike heels from Peacocks and a gorgeous black rope necklace from Taking Shape.  I went with pretty strong makeup, just because I fancied it at the time, and I have my hair scraped back and am using a clip in ponytail.  Hairpieces and my current obsession for another bunch of reasons so I will do a whole seperate post about them.  They’ve solved my ‘arms to weak to really hold them up to style my hair problem’ almost completely.

What do you think of this look?

Are you loving or loathing the scuba trend?


*dress provided by Pink Clove for review.  All opinions are my own.

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