Making this up as I go along…

…ah, I crack myself up 😉

 A little colour in your cheeks

I am of course referring to one of my passions – makeup!  I love it, I covet it, I buy it, I own to much of it, and don’t wear it nearly enough.  In another of my life’s weird dichotomies, I only ever seem to have the time/energy to try new makeup looks in the middle of the night when insomnia strikes and I have watched loads of fabulous tutorials on You Tube.

I saw this pic and could instantly relate!  One of the problems with chronic illness is you spend alot of time…well, looking ill!  It may sound obvious, but it’s one of those things you don’t really expect when you enter the circle of chronic illness.  On alot of days, it’s the last thing you care about, but for those times when you just need to feel a little human, makeup is a real secret weapon!

Passion for fashion

Another obsession of mine, when I am well (well for me) is styling my wardrobe so I can look the best version of me.  When you are largely wheelchair bound, you can forget about womanly weapons such as a stunning silhouette with all the right curves in all the right places.

As with so many things though, the right clothes, styled and fitted nicely can make us wheelchair warriors look amazing!  I love finding looks and styles that work.  The right colour, neckline, waist height, length etc are vital tools in the wheelchair style wars.  As with able bodied fashion, different things work for different people, but some suggestions are pretty universal.

Scratching the surface

Ok, so good makeup, clothes and hair won’t change the world, but can make a huge difference to self-esteem and general well being.  It’s a deviation on the ‘act as if’ principle.  On those days when I am low and grieving for my old, able-bodied life, it’s things like this that lift me, and make me remember that I’ve not ‘lost’ my old life, I’ve gained a new one, with a whole new perspective.  As fellow wheelies will know, we get a different angle on the world, both literally and figuratively, and we can still have a life just as awesome as we let it be, if we indeed just….let it be x

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