Low level play day: crafts and food play for exhausted and poorly parents – Easter Chicks and Home Made Sweets

Regular readers will be well aware of my seemingly near constant poorlyness.  For me, it’s all part of my plethora of interwoven conditions, several of which are auto immune.  This means I am constantly tired, hurting and incapacitated on some degree.  I’ve been particularly poorly of late after a nasty fall a few weeks ago so I have had to prioritise, delegate, pace, and make the most of the times I’m feeling ‘better’ (in chronic illness the word ‘better’ is a relative term, as you’re never really better).
But time waits for no man, woman, or Mum – and as much as body and brain want to sleep 23 hours in the day, this isn’t good for anyone, including me.  Low level play is just the job for exhausted Mums, Dads, Nans and Grandads, whatever your age or state of health.  This week we have been mostly:
Making fluffy Easter Chicks
With a Hobbycraft Easter chick kit, we had some fun and giggles making the little guys in the pic.  The kit came with all the things we needed to make our new buddies, the pieces of which were glued together with vast amounts of PVA glue.  We (I) managed to lose one of the beaks and so we made do with the end of a pixi stick packet (the little sherbet sticks most beloved of Lady Gaga).  He has been lovingly names Snorky, and makes a kind of honking noise instead of cheeping.  Proof that you can sometimes have even more fun and giggles with things don’t go exactly according to plan.
Making super simple sweeties
With the aid of some cool candy melts from Renshaws, and some moulds, we made some yummy candy hearts.  I had loads of people asking me where to buy candy melts last time I posted some food fun where I used them, and the best place for me is Renshaws.  They do loads of colours and are only £1.99 a pot.  For those of you wondering what the heck they are, they’re like chocolate without the chocolate – the cocoa that is.  In your average bar of milk chocolate there is actually so little cocoa solids they can only just be given the chocolate (over-use of word chocolate – must find thesaurus).  This means they taste alot like what we know as chocolate, but what in the USA they would refer to as ‘candy bars’.
You can melt these straight in the pot in the microwave (always follow directions on the packet), which is what makes this such low energy food fun.  
[The melting point is pretty low, which makes this a good craft for even younger children]
We drizzled the melted red candy into the moulds, and waited to set.  They were fully set within about 20 minutes.
We got them out of the moulds
And wrapped in foil – making this a great choice for gifting too.
And there you have it – two low energy but high fun activities perfect for tired Mums and Dads over the Easter hols.
Have a fantastic Easter weekend – I look forward to catching up with you all after to see what shenanigans we all got up to.  Do you have any plans?  Are you expecting a visit from a very generous Easter Bunny this year?

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