Kylie Jenner shameless and ableist wheelchair stunt

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10 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner shameless and ableist wheelchair stunt

  1. I totally thought it was weird for her to do that. But then again Kardashians will do the most controversial things to get attention.

  2. I can't tell u how distressing I think this stunt is….though not disabled myself I have taught disabled young adults for many years and witnessed the many forms of aggressive and passive discrimination they suffer from. I'm sure the kardashian girl will have all the justification ready ..!but really..why do it in the first place…sorry for the rantX

  3. So true, agree with so much that you've said. Both my husband and I are disabled, my husband is in a wheelchair, while I'm not. People will ignore him or just act like he isn't there, it's very weird. When people realise I'm disabled, I get treated the same, it's suddenly like your invisible. While neither of us are terribly upset by the photo, we agree, using a wheelchair as an accessory is a bit over the top. Nobody would choose to have to be in a wheelchair, let alone use one as a prop.

  4. I totally agree. I've read Sarah's post too. I think that she could have showed that a wheelchair means freedom, not limitation.

  5. It's a disgrace! I have disabled family members and we are not happy about it! When I first heard of the KarTRASHians, I thought it was a spin-off to 'Keeping up Appearances' with Hyacinth BUCKET!
    Trashy family with trashy family values in my opinion!

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