I Go Driving in My Car: Personal Independence – getting out and about with an adapted vehicle #disability

I write an awful lot about getting around, and the problems with getting around, especially when it comes to public transport.  Pavements are craggy and my wheelchair is on it’s last legs (pun intended), so getting out of the house can pose a problem.  It would be so easy to just stay indoors, especially with the horrid weather we’ve had of late (seriously, where is summer?)
The thing is though, I don’t want to stay in.  I want to get out and feel the wind in my hair.  I want to participate in life, and live it to the full.  While I will never be at quite as accomplished as some of my disabled peers, who run marathons and complete in the paralympics.  Unless they have a opening for sleeping, playing around on twitter, or choosing just the right lipstick.  Hey, we all have our gifts.
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Many moons ago, before power steering, air con and reversing beepers, I was 17, and taking my drivers test.  It’s bizarre, as Jason is just now learning how to drive, and everything is SO different, it is SO easy!  And I would be a fool not to take advantage of that.  I have a full licence as I passed my test in a geared car, but because of my body issues I now drive an automatic car which is adapted for me.  Specialist dealers such as Allied Mobility can take all of your needs into account, and match you with the car of your dreams.
My car is one of my windows to the world.  It is my freedom, and I am so lucky to still be able to get out and about, with help from Jason.  With controls on the steering wheel and ramps for my wheelchair, everything about my vehicle is just perfect for me and my needs.  I would encourage anyone with specific physical needs to explore owning and even driving a car.  Visit a specialist or talk to Motability, who are the leading resource in helping people to get out and about.  If you have a child with a disability, or a partner, it’s worth giving them a ring.  So much is possible these days that wasn’t before.  Contacting Motability was the best thing I ever did, and if you are unsure whether you could get help, I urge you to contact them for help and advice.


Do you love your car or prefer other modes of transport?  Do you like to get on your bike?  Do you love a Sunday drive through the country either as a driver or passenger?

8 thoughts on “I Go Driving in My Car: Personal Independence – getting out and about with an adapted vehicle #disability

  1. That is just great that you are able to get out & about! And I have to say that there is nothing wrong with sleeping, playing around on twitter, or choosing just the right lipstick. 😉

  2. I love a drive through the country. I like to be the driver. If we do a lot of stop and going I always get a sick feeling in my stomach. I love driving and listening to music.

  3. I didn't realise we were Twitter buds, so had to stop by and say 'Hi' too.

    And I'm right there with you on Motability. I too have a Motability car, they're great and have turned my life around! In fact, I'm due for a new one right now, yay.

    So happy to hear they're helping you stay independent too. It is really easy to stay indoors – something I'm guilty of too much. If only they had reduced petrol costs for those of us mobility problems since cares are our lifelines. 🙂
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