Get the look: Monochrome and bold clashing prints – everyday casual wheelchair fashion

Well I said ‘I’ll be back’ and I meant it.  What’s that now? I didn’t say it?  Well…I meant too.

After a couple of weeks of focusing on the other elements that make up a complete style, I am right back to fashion, and this May I am donning my monochrome, coz that’s just how I roll.

Dress Dorothy Perkins last season //  Infinity Scarf Dorothy Perkins £5 in sale  //  Diamante Choker Claire’s Accessories £10  //  Capri Pants Sports Direct £3  //  Shoes historic purchase  //  Aviator glasses (belonging to J) £12 TK Maxx

As usual my purchases are very modest.  I often spend more on accessories than the clothes themselves as they can work with dozens of outfits.  I’m always looking for the best bargains and trying to save money while also procuring the things I covet.  It really is possible if you are a savvy shopper.

I’ve gone for two of spring and summer 14’s big trends, monochrome and clashing prints, and I think the stripes in the dress and the abstract print in the infinity scarf both go together and clash perfectly.  Any more prints would have been to busy for my personal taste, even though I have some fabulous monochrome print peg trousers from Asos if I’d wanted to go print crazy.

I often wear dresses as tops.  This example, even when purchased (ie. pre washing and drying shrinkage) was very very short and didn’t even cover my bum, making it a perfect dress/top.  It has a subtle puffball hem which makes it super flattering round the waist area.  Add that to the crossover style in the top of the dress and it fulfils another of my top tips when dressing as a wheelchair user, make the most of your assets.  Just as you draw attention away from the bits you don’t want people to see, it’s important to draw attention to the areas in which you shine.  If you have nice legs, flash them every chance you get.  If you’ve a dainty foot, don a pair of beautiful shoes.  If you have an elegant collarbone, show it off in sassy scoop necked tops.

The plain black capri pants have plenty of stretch in the waist for sitting down all day.  I experiment with all sorts of different ideas to try and get the perfect look, and I recently purchased a pair of jeans that were two whole sizes to big.  When I stood, they fell down they were that big.  Add to that the fact that the jeans had a bit of give with a small Lycra content, I was hopeful they would serve me well for a day in the chair.  How wrong I was.  Because clothes are fitted for standing models, some just don’t translate to sitting all day.  After 8 hours in the jeans I had welts round my tummy, and had I not been wearing a longline top would have been flashing my pants to the world in the huge gaping bit round the back of the jeans.  Add to that the high probability of the jeans falling down during wheelchair transfers, and it was definitely an epic fail!  I know you can get specially designed ‘wheelchair trousers’ but the ones I’ve seen are very frumpy, and I am determined to solve this dilemma in the high street.  Watch this space!

Lastly, here’s a shot of my personal ‘everyday makeup’ without the aviator glasses.  Proper product list and technique breakdown to follow.

Does the monochrome trend float your boat or do you find it a little boring?  Have you had a go at clashing prints this season?  Do you have an outfit that you look awesome in, unless you sit down?  As always, please share your thoughts below – I love to hear your feedback and always reply where I can.

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  1. That's a real possibility for my next try I think. I can't do buttons either, but these were big enough to wear as pull ons 🙂

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