#FOTD Get The Look: 80’s Statement Makeup – Blondie, Stonewashed Denim and Bold Colours

 Here are the tools for this look, the hallmarks of which are statement eyes, bright lips and bold blush.  The eye is featured here, just as a teaser.

MUA brights palette  //  So Susan Blush  //  Semi-Opaque bright lipstick  //  Khol liner in black  //  Gel liner in black  //  Benefit gimme brow  //  Your favourite foundation and powder to set  //  Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Okay, so first I need to confess my attitude to makeup, if it hasn’t already made itself apparent.  I love it.  I have more makeup than I could ever use and most of it hasn’t even been touched yet.  When I’m getting ready I often have the same sort of dilemma as a person driving into an empty carpark and not knowing where to park, being spoiled for choice.  I’ve been travelling a lot over the last few months, often in my car, with a selection of said makeup that I think will cut it in a usually pretty huge makeup bag.  I don’t have the time, patience or dexterity to give a look a dry run before it has an outing, so for good or for ill, the look that I had in my head, packed the makeup to create, and then translated onto my face is the one that will serve me for whatever event, conference or function I happen to be attending.

This look was for a fashion show, coverage of which will be on the blog later in the week.  It actually worked really well, and I was pleased with the look.  It’s only enemy was the weather, which was hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch, leaving my face even slicker than his performance as Sherlock in the BBC show of the same name.  I was so glad to have used gel liner as well as khol as the deliberate smokey look could have ended up more Ozzy than Sharon.

Taking inspiration from a multitude of 80’s icons, including Debbie Harrie from Blondie, whose iconic image was featured on the dress I wore along with a freyed stonewash denim waistcoat, I pulled together a look which actually encapsulated many elements from my favourite looks right now.

Statement eyes – statement everything is where it’s at right now, and I love my winged eyeliner.  Here I embellished on the theme, making the wings very large and drawn on, and extending the liner out from the inner corners also.  I also used the pale yellow and gold colours in the MUA brights palette which worked well, though my eyes were a little worse for wear by the end of the night as you can see in the closed eye shot.  Three coats of mascara worked well, but has I had them with me, I think I would have donned falsies too.

Bold cheeks – after eschewing blush for years because of my naturally rosy pallor, I started a love affair with blush about a year ago.  I wore it for this look in deliberately bold strokes under the apples of my cheeks.  Though well blended it was worn to be seen and to accent.  I often wear more subtle blush, but I am seeing bold blush everywhere right now which I love, because I love the look.

Opaque balmy lips – though the rules can be toyed with, I generally go for either a bold mouth or bold eyes, as both can look to much.  Pillar box red lipstick and winged eyeliner for a vintage look are my favourite exception to this rule.  Here I used a semi opaque balmy lipstick, but gloss would have worked just as well for a less vivid colour.

Blondie dress £14.99 at H&M

Being late and getting lost prevented me from getting any more pics, but the outfit and the face were a hit.

Do you like experimenting with new looks? Do you stick to the same style or have fun with the makeup box? Are there some makeup trends that you find just to much?

16 thoughts on “#FOTD Get The Look: 80’s Statement Makeup – Blondie, Stonewashed Denim and Bold Colours

    1. It takes lots of practice but the results are so great once you start to master it. I've actually just typed up a makeup tutorial with my all time eyeliner tip in to go live next week so I'll make sure I tweet you the link 🙂

  1. So funny, my Teen daughter who is 17 has just started listening to Blondie. Love the eyes and the lippy. xxx

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