Top Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup Application at Any Age: #Teenagers #30s #40s and beyond

I have heard many times from readers that they are unsure of how to apply eye makeup, and how to get the best look for their age and skin type.  Whether you consult an online makeup specialist, read blogs or get ideas from friends, there are a few basics that are very good to bear in mind when you are creating your desired look.
Wide eyed with wonder



When you first start using eye make-up as a teenager you should always remember the golden rule ‘less is more’. It’s tempting to want to try everything when it comes to different styles, but not all at the same time!
Young skin is wrinkle free so there’s no need to clog it up with primers and bases or worry about anti-aging creams. A good kohl eyeliner is all you need and it should always glide smoothly across your eyelid, so make sure you don’t drag it.
If you’re not brave enough to experiment with eyelash curlers you can choose a mascara with a curved wand instead. Gently apply it to your upper lashes as if you’re back-combing them to get a wide-eyed Hollywood look.


Sometimes less is more – a Cara Delevingne inspired wide eyed chic
To erase the signs of a heavy or sleepless night you can apply a good under-eye concealer.
Follow this with a small amount of light pink, white or cream eyeliner to the inner corners of the sockets of each eye and they will instantly look brighter. A strong line of liquid liner with a classic corner flick requires a steady hand but once perfected it is certain to make you stand out in a crowd. This is my favourite all time look and I suggest you practice, and make sure you have your elbow on a hard surface to steady it during application.
Becky is rocking her 30’s with beautifully sculpted brows, subtle eyes and luscious lashes
Neutral warm colours will compliment most skin tones of those in their 50s.  Invest in a good set of brushes to blend eye shadows together for an effortlessly glamorous look. I love eco-tools and Real techniques brushes and have a good variety of both in my brush wrap.
Use a neutral colour for the whole lid and then blend a slightly darker one onto the crease line and the outer corners to effectively open up your eyes. Finish off with matt brown mascara on the upper lashes only.
Beautiful Accessorize neutrals eye palette – great Mac dupe
And beyond
Some of the most glamorous ladies I’ve seen are in the older generation.  Whether strutting their stuff on the catwalk or living next door to my Mum in her McCarthy and Stone retirement property.  Whether it’s a slick of red lipstick or a powder compact that completes your look, go with what you love.  You know best what suits your colouring and complexion.
Do you have any top tips for perfect eyes?  Do you go for minimal makeup or full on glamour?  What are your favourite products to use for the eye area?


9 thoughts on “Top Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup Application at Any Age: #Teenagers #30s #40s and beyond

  1. Thanks for the informative post. I haven't ever really done much with eye makeup but starting to now. Some good tips here. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Also good for senior citizens, who need SOME eye makeup, but not to the extent that they used to wear

  3. I forget about so many of these tips! I need to start using concealer in the corner of my eyes and not just under. Thanks for the great tips!

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