The London Look: Mint Skater Dress, Black Patent Belt and Shoes, Statement Eye Makeup – Wheelchair Fashion

Top to Toe

Beige Floral hair Clip – £4

Makeup by Alva Naturals – Lipstick  //  Khol Pencil in Black  //   Mascara in Black  //  Pigment Pot *(step by step run through of this look to come)*

Outfit – Dress from Yours  //  White Eyelash Cardigan from The Factory Shop – £15  //  Black Velver FeelTights £8 M&S  //  Black Patent Ballet Shoes from the Factory Shop – £6

Jewellery – Earrings from Claire’s – £2.50 //  Scented Necklace in Mark Jacob Daisy Fresh
I have posted so much information about what I have learned from the series of lectures at the London College of Fashion, know as ‘Better Lives Lectures’, I thought I had earned the chance to pop up my outfit post.  Now, I don’t necessarily think I needed to earn that privileged, I just wanted to let you guys know some of what I had learned so far before saying ‘look what I wore…’.  But as we’re on the subject…..look what I wore!

Very dress

Of course you want to make an impression at the LFC, without going nuts and looking like you tried to hard.  This is what I came up with.  I was going for girly/feminine, sophisticated, yet soft.  I built it all round the gorgeous dress, which has more than just a beautiful look, it has texture.  The black jacquard detailing is in a beautiful velvety material which is raised from the main body and really makes it pop.  I picked up both the colours and the textured to style the rest of the outfit.

The belt on the dress is black patent, which I echoed in the black ballet pumps I wore.  Flats are perfect for me as I can’t manage even a small heel.  Belts are also a great device to split the body and give waist definition.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I personally wear my belt (and so my waist) a little higher when defining it with a belt, whether it is thick or thin.  When you’re in a chair, your waist pushed right back where nobody can really see it, so creating a waist gives the illusion of a ‘complete’ body, with all the desirable bits on show.

Again with colour and texture, I wore velvet feel tights in black.  All very simple but effective.  The white eyelash cardigan was so soften the outfit and lift it.  Another black item may have been to formal, and didn’t fit with the look I was going for.  The result is light and feminine, yet effective.

My biggest tip with any outfit, and one I took care of with this one is wear quality underwear.  Some would argue you can’t see it so it doesn’t matter, but any stylist hearing that would gasp in horror.  Wearing a beautiful gown requires shapewear, so the gown flows across a flat stomach and smooth hips.  It is just the same with wheelchair fashion.  I personally don’t go for control pants, as I am happy with my size an shape round my tummy area, and I want to be comfortable.  For me it is more important that flattening my tummy, but as always I would do whatever you feel most comfortable with.  For me, proper shaping and support for my bust is key.  A decent bra really does make so much difference.

This gorgeous burgundy bra from Large Cup Lingerie gave me the most fantastic shape and support.  I have had two children and my chest is a little worse for wear at this point, but the right bra can perform real magic.  I kid you not, Dynamo simply could not achieve the same feats as this bra was able to perform.

I listened to many inspiring stories and discussions on how fashion and taking charge of ones look can improve confidence and self-esteem.  What are your thoughts on that?  I’d really love to hear what you think, so please do leave your thoughts in the comments area.

Life's A Party Dress Like It

18 thoughts on “The London Look: Mint Skater Dress, Black Patent Belt and Shoes, Statement Eye Makeup – Wheelchair Fashion

  1. LOVE the dress!! Vicky as you know, when i made the decision to not let my illnesses control or rather dictate my life and decided to give myself a make over, I started blogging, then I met you and all the other amazing bloggers, I have started a business and now I am a fashion writer and well there is another announcement later today, but it makes an incredible difference!

    Lovely post and as always you look gorgeous!

  2. I really really love that dress – green is a colour I love and that looks beautiful on you.

    Definitely taking charge of what you wear is a great confidence boost.

  3. Vicky I love your skater dress, it's exactly what I wear! you look fabulous, and as Gok Wan says show off the boys 😉

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