Some of my fave You Tube tutorials

I love a good You Tube tutorial.  Anything you can imagine, anything you want to do, there is someone who has done a tutorial to help.  Granted there are a few areas where there are a lack of vloggers, (such as wheelchair fashion) but I don’t think that will be the case for long.  Blogging and vlogging are so hot right now, and it’s only going to get bigger and better (in my opinion).

I’d like to share some of my favourite tutorials (and favourite people) with you from the land of Tube.

Wayne Goss makeup artist

He is an absolute genius, and there is nothing he can’t do with makeup – including showcasing how to get the latest celeb and on trend looks for us ‘normies’.  Check out this Kim Kardashian tutorial to illustrate what he can do with makeup and how easy he makes it look.

Natalie Vintagious

Natalie is a gorgeous funny girl who is absolutely amazing with hair.  I love her tutorials, from the simple to the more advanced, from classic to pinup.  I want to do them all, but am unfortunately all thumbs.  Natalie does give handy hints and tips for mastering the styles that she makes look so simple, and her cheerfulness in infectious.  Her chirpy little one also makes the odd guest appearance.  She’s has a bit of a trying time recently, so if you pop over, be sure to send her lots of love.  This video is my favourite of hers, and I love all the styles in it.

Sally ‘wheelongalong24’

I found Sally’s videos when I was searching for resources for wheelchair fashion.  She is a lovely warm girl, and this comes across in her videos, which showcase her great fashion and makeup choices, which she fits in around chronic illness and wheelchair use.  This video gives a taste of her gorgeous classic style and class.

All the above wonderful people have blogs, twitter etc, the details of which are on their YouTube channels.

Thanks for reading x

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