Shopping haul: focus on Borjois – a free gift worth having

So, as you all know, I have been hitting the high street, and purchasing enough girly lovelyness to be in a serious pocket money deficit.  Oh well, such is life – and there are some things a girl’s just gotta have.

I love Borjois as a makeup brand.  On my personal current must ‘must purchase as soon as humanly possible’ list, alongside infinity scarves, and anything in the colour mint, resides the entry ‘anything Borjois’.  Imagine my joy when I spotted an offer in Boots.  Spend £15 and get a free gift.  ‘Yeah ok’ I thought, ‘this is going to be small and/or naff’.  My casual pessimism took a hit when I was confronted with this:

The free gift – which is valued at £29, and has the tagline ‘Iconic Glam’ contains 4 full sized products:

  • Full sized Effect 3D lipgloss #06 in Rouge Democratic
  • Volume glamour Max Holidays mascara in Black
  • Full sized So Laque Ultra Shine nail enamel #24 in Rouge Escaprin
  • Full sized smokey eyes trio eyeshadow #01 in Gris Dandy

You also get a voucher for £2 off any Borjois mascara or eyeshadow

I was thrilled!  My original purchases to qualify for the offer were:

 Borjois 123 perfect foundation in light vanilla at £10.99 (review to follow)

Borjois contour clubbing eyeliner in ultra violet at £4.99 (review to follow)

I was absolutely thrilled! What is your favourite beauty bargain of late?

Thanks for reading x

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